Hero Lectro Townmaster Electric Bicycle Review

Last updated: August 16th, 2022

The Lectro is an Indian electric bicycle brand that’s been manufacturing some successful e-bicycle models. Lectro is actually a sub-brand of the Hero cycles, which is completely dedicated to making electric bicycles. They make various electric bicycle models and if you are interested in buying one for yourself, then you should check out the Townmaster model of electric bicycle.

The Townmaster is a great electric bicycle that retails at an affordable cost in the Indian market for an e-bike. It offers a great set of features and good reliability that is unique to the Hero brand of cycles. In this post, let us see the in-depth review of the Hero Lectro Townmaster electric bicycle with its pros and cons.

Design and Build Quality

Made from an aluminum alloy frame, the Townmaster has a good build quality and design. Most of the e-bikes are bulkier in size due to the addition of the battery pack and motor. But this model from Lectro is not as heavy thanks to its alloy frame design. It keeps the weight in check even though it has a battery pack and motor. It weighs a total of 25 kilograms, so you can comfortably handle this bicycle. The frame comes at 18inches in height, so people above 5’3″ inches in height will feel comfortable in driving this bicycle.

The 38mm tires present in this e-bicycle are ideal for traveling in urban areas. You get the control console on the handlebar to turn on/off the motor. The console also has an indicator of the remaining battery level. The mode button present on the console allows you to toggle the power between pedal assist and throttle mode. The charging mount is protected with a rubber cap when not in use, so the battery and motor don’t get damaged from dust or rain.

When it comes to the look, this model comes in a glossy blue color that gives it a unique feel. The frame is colored blue with some black and white in the mix. Overall, you get a well-designed bicycle with enough protective features to give it a long life.

Lectro Townmaster Review | ChooseMyBicycle.com

Battery and Motor

The 250W motor present in this bicycle is powered by the 36V lithium-ion battery. The battery has a capacity of 5.5 Ah and will give you up to 25 km of range with a full charge. The range may be low as the battery capacity is low but the low battery pack has a compact form that doesn’t protrude much. The motor is present at the rear of the cycle and has the power to ride through steep slopes in the throttle mode. There are two modes present in this bicycle; pedal-assist mode and throttle mode.

The throttle mode makes use of the full power of the motor and the bicycle works just like any other motor-powered scooter or bike in this mode. The pedal assist mode needs some work from you to ride the cycle. It has three levels and each level will give you some additional motor power. The range of the motor will vary depending upon the mode that you set. Even though the range is low, you won’t notice it as much as you get different modes to ride the cycle.

Lectro Townmaster Review | ChooseMyBicycle.com

Brake and Steering

This e-bicycle has front and rear disc mechanical brakes, which is powerful enough to stop it swiftly. This mechanical brake is Promax branded, so you get a powerful stopping force with it. Along with good brakes, you get an excellent 630mm handlebar that gives you a comfortable riding experience. There is a suspension present with this bicycle at the front with a 100 mm travel distance. This suspension is good-enough to absorb shocks even on a rough trail. With a good combination of brake, handlebar, and suspension, you will get a good riding experience out of this bicycle.

Additional Features

Throttle cutoff switch

The throttle cutoff switch present near the handlebar is used to switch off/on the electric connection to the pedal. With this switch, you can easily change the mode between automatic and manual.

Magnet Sensor

The magnet sensor present in this e-bike analyzes the pedaling action and assists you accordingly. This helpful feature works in the pedal-assist mode.

Quick-Release feature

With this feature, you can easily remove the tire. It is really helpful when you want to fix or replace the tire when it becomes flat.

Suspension Lockout feature

This feature helps you to lock the suspension. Locking your suspension can be really useful to increase your speed on flat tracks. On a bumpy road, you can use the suspension to ride smoothly.

Riding Experience

With this e-bicycle, you will definitely get a comfortable riding experience that can be accelerated further in the throttle mode. In the pedal-assist mode, you can enjoy riding this e-bicycle as any other bicycle by pedaling. You can also give a bit of thrust from the motor by changing the modes in the pedal-assist mode. It will be useful when you feel tired or riding on a slope.

If you want to get the full power of this e-bicycle, you can change the mode to throttle and ride with only the motor power. You get a good amount of acceleration with this motor that will reduce the strain on your knees to increase the speed in a quick amount of time. The motor stops automatically when you stop pedaling in the pedal-assist mode, so stopping this bicycle won’t be a problem. The brake, handlebar, and suspension are also good with this bicycle. With the purchase of the Townmaster e-bicycle, you are sure to get a good ridding experience.

Advantages of Townmaster E-Bike

  • This bike retails at an affordable price, so you can get it without spending much.
  • The battery pack is compact and concealed well-enough.
  • It is made from quality components.
  • The Promax brakes present in this bicycle are powerful.

Disadvantages of Townmaster E-Bike

  • The range is a bit less with this e-bicycle.
  • The battery pack is not detachable, so the bike should be kept near the charging point while charging at all times.


You get a solid electric bicycle for an affordable price with this purchase. The features are also good and useful with this bicycle. Even though the range is low, you get a good riding experience with this bicycle that you won’t find in any other normal cycles. With a good build and warranty, you should definitely buy this cycle if you are in the market for an electric bicycle.


Ajay Kumar is a passionate cyclist and loves reviewing products related to cycling. He has been riding bikes since he was a kid and has never stopped since. He loves to share his knowledge and insights about cycling with others and hopes to help more people enjoy the sport.