Best Ladies Cycle in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Bicycles are a great and safe way to travel to school and for other travel purposes. If you have a bicycle, then you don’t have to depend on anyone to travel across your city. They give you the freedom to travel, especially for women and girls in India. Riding cycles is also considered a great workout. You have much benefit from riding a bicycle than by any other means of transport.

There are many ladies bicycles present in India from different brands such as Hero, Hercules, Atlas, etc so it may be difficult for you to choose the best one. In this post, let us see the top bicycles for women to ride across their city.

Best Ladies Cycle in India

1) BSA 26T LadyBird Shine

BSA Steel Lady Bird 26 Inch Shine Road Bike/Bicycle Cycling for Women...

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The LadyBird shine from BSA is one of the best bicycles for ladies available in the Indian market. It comes in two different colors (Burgundy and Purple) to give you options in buying. The caliper brakes with PVC lever will give you good control over the acceleration of this bicycle. Made of steel, the frame is durable to give you a long life.

You also get a carry stand at the front to hold all the essentials while you travel. With a good build quality, this model from BSA is the one to get to travel.


  • It comes with additional accessories like a basket, chain cover, saree guard, etc.
  • The frame is made of durable steel.

2) Mach City Women's Bike

Mach City Women's Bike, 26 Inches

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Mach City is a bicycle brand owned by BSA, and they make some of the best cycles in the market. Bicycles from Mach City are made from quality materials and retails for an affordable cost. This model has a rigid stainless steel frame that will give you high durability. The 26inch tire is made from quality material and will suit medium to a tall person.

This model is a single-speed bicycle but it is also available with seven gear fit to give you high acceleration and control when needed. With a good set of features, this model from Mach City is a great bicycle for ladies.


  • It is made from a quality steel frame.
  • The 26inch tire is made from quality material.

3) Avon Sherry 26T Bicycle

Avon Sherry Women's Commuting Bike , 26 Inch Wheel , 18 Inches Steel...

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The Avon sherry bicycle comes with an 18inch steel frame, so it has high durability to give you a long life. It comes with different accessories like a front basket and plastic dress guard, so it offers a lot of value for the money. This bicycle has caliper brakes with an aluminum alloy lever to give you good control over the speed while riding this cycle. With a good build quality and excellent features, you get a valuable bicycle that will last for a long time.


  • The tires present in this bicycle give you a superior grip on the road.
  • The levers are made of aluminum alloy, which is stable and safe to ride on.

4) Hero Miss India Gold 26T

Hero Girls Miss India Gold 26T Road Bike with 17.4-inches Steel Frame...

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The hero is one of the reputed bicycle brands when it comes to Bicycle in India, and the Miss India range of bicycles from Hero is a great model. The Miss India models are designed to compete with the LadyBird range of models from BSA. You get a durable frame with this bike, so it will last for a long time. A carrier basket is present in this model, so you can carry all your essentials.

The pedals present in this bicycle are synthetic so it will not wear out easily, and you will get a long life out of this one. With a good set of features for a good price, you won’t get a better bicycle than this.


  • You get a carrier basket, chain cover, and saree cover with this bicycle.
  • This bicycle is made from quality materials.

5) Huffy Savoy 26inch Women

Huffy Savoy 26' Women

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The Huffy Savoy is a good looking bicycle with some useful additions. It has a Hi-ten steel frame that is hydroformed and pierced to give it high durability. The seats are premium padded with stitched sides, so you get good comfort while riding it for a long time. The 24inch tire is made from quality material, so it will not wear out soon.

This bicycle from Huffy comes with 21 gear to give you exceptional control over the speed. You can explore all your neighborhoods with this premium mountain bike from Huffy.


  • It has 21 gears.
  • The frame is made from durable, high-quality steel.

6) BSA Cycles LadyBird Hazel

BSA cycles Unisex 19T Ladybird Hazel Cycle, Pink

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The Hazel is another Ladybird model from BSA that gives you a great riding experience. It features a low step-through steel frame, which gives it a long-lasting life. The printed and cushioned saddle will give you great comfort while riding this bicycle for a long time. The caliper brakes present in this bike will certainly work well without any problem. Additional features like carrier basket saree guard and chain cover are present in this cycle to make it an excellent buy to ride around your neighborhood.


  • The rims present are terrain friendly.
  • It has a comfortable seat to ride on.

7) BSA Cycles LadyBird Splash

BSA Ladybird Splash Thin Tyre, 26 inches Wheel Size, Steel Frame 19...

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Another LadyBird model in our list with a neat set of features to make it a good buy is the Splash model. Like the previous model on our list, this one has low step-through steel with an integrated carrier basket. The caliper brakes and the PVC lever will give you a long life with good functionality. This ladybird model also has a dress guard and chain cover to make it an excellent buy.

With a good set of features coming at an affordable price, this bicycle from LadyBird will be an excellent choice for commuting and exploring your neighborhoods.


  • The frame is made from quality steel to give it a long life.
  • It has a PVC lever, so it will not wear out anytime soon.

Buying Guide for Bicycle

Some things to consider before buying a Bicycle are

The Type

There are mainly three types of bicycles available on the market. A Road bicycle is best suited to ride on man-made paths and roads. They are good for commuting in and around your neighborhoods. A mountain bicycle is best suited to ride on mountain paths and other unconventional paths. They are good for trekking and for an adventure trip. A hybrid bicycle is a combination of the above two and can be used mostly for any ride. Based on your riding preference, you can buy any one of the types.

Frame Type

A quality bicycle should have the frame made from at least steel. It has high durability and will give it a long life. If you can afford it, you can also buy a bicycle with a titanium or carbon frame. They are lighter and more durable, but costs high.


A suspension in a bicycle is useful as it absorbs the shock while riding on a difficult path, but it is not mandatory. If you regularly ride on a mountain or other difficult paths, then definitely get a bicycle with dual-suspension. If not, then a half or no-suspension bicycle will work well for you.


Buying a good bicycle is necessary to have some freedom to explore your neighborhood and for other travel purposes without any dependency. With an abundance of cycles available in the market, it will be difficult for you to choose a good one. The above listed are some of the best bicycles that you can buy without any second thoughts. We hope that this post helps you in getting a good bicycle for your needs.

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