Best Hybrid Cycle in India of 2022

Need a cycle which you can use on both roads and mountains? Well, we are reviewing the best hybrid cycles you can buy in India.

While looking for both MTB and Road cycles’ comfort and functionality, the Hybrid bicycles are one thoughtful pick. Hybrid bicycles perform well on paved roads, bike paths, hilly terrain, or light gravel roads. They are smooth & light enough to paddle with the least effort, whereas strong for off-road riding.

Best Hybrid Cycle in India

Hybrid cycles come with versatile characteristics and have a vast range as well. Hence, if you are also confused about picking the right one that justifies performance and cost you have landed at the right place.

Please read till the end to get all the necessary information about Hybrid cycles.

Best 10 Hybrid Cycles in India

1. Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Hybrid Bike

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Hybrid / Road Bike , Frame: 23 Inches...

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Hero Hawk is a trendy 23 + 27. 5 inches (frame + Wheel) hybrid bicycle. This single-speed cycle features a rigid suspension fork that ensures utmost comfort on bumpy and uneven paths. Its 44T Bend Crank Black Crankset and a Cottered BB Set ensure smooth chain traverse. This results in minimizing your paddling efforts, whereas giving desirable speed results.

This Hero hybrid cycle comes with a straight handlebar that stays easy on your wrists and arms. You can adjust its saddle quickly up or down with minimal force. Equipped with powerful front and rear calliper brakes, this hybrid cycle lets you safely navigate busy roads. Moreover, its rubber moulded paddles keep your feet from slipping off while riding.

  • Suitable for the rider of height up to 6 feet and more
  • Strong build up with back carrier attached
  • Comfortable and smooth to use

  • Heavy, not suitable for kids below 13

2. Btwin 85034B My Bicycle (Hybrid)

Btwin 85034B Mens 26T Hybrid Bike , 20 Inches Steel Frame - White

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The Btwin hybrid bicycle comes with attractive aluminium wheels that are rust free and reduce the cycle’s weight. Its strong steel frame provides durability and rigidity to the entire unit making it non-flimsy. With a 20’inch frame and 26 inches Wheel, it has got the right height. It has an easy to adjust saddle.

This hybrid bicycle from Btwin features a plastic chain guard that keeps your shoes and feet safe from grease. Its VP flat and broad paddles offer a better grip to your feet even if your shoes are wet. It can hold riders weighted up to 100 kgs easily.

  • Rust-free aluminium wheels
  • Plastic chain guard
  • An in-expensive model with high-class performance

  • Less suitable for rough hilly paths

3. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes 1.0 Light Weight Hybrid Cycle, 26T Single Speed, for Men...

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Omobikes 1.0 lightweight hybrid cycle stands out in the crowd for its ultra-stylish design and bright coloured appearance. Its 18.5′ inches lightweight steel frame and 26′ inches wheel gives it an adequate height suitable for people between 5.2 to 6 feet tall. This cycle is built with perfect geometry usage for comfortable, safe, and speedy rides.

The Omobikes 1.0 hybrid cycle is equipped with a soft quill type handlebar that helps you maintain a firm grip throughout. Its steel paddles are strong and durable enough. It features the old traditional cantilever brakes. The PU saddle is designed for quick release and can be adjusted up or down with minimal effort.

  • Comfortable for speedy rides
  • Strong threaded tyres suitable for off-road trails as well
  • Outstanding performance both on city roads and hilly trails

  • Outdated Cantilever brakes

4. Hercules Roadeo Fugitive 27.5T

Hercules Unisex Roadeo Fugitive 27.5 Inches Wheel Size 21 Gear Steel...

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Hercules presents a hybrid cycle that suits your kid in the height of 4.4 ft to 5.5 ft. Its tyre size is 27.5 inch and the frame is 17 inches making it suitable for almost all teenagers and adults people.

The hybrid cycle has front suspension and a beautiful collaboration of V brake and Disc brake. Along with that, the sturdy steel used for the frame is rust free and promises longevity. The cycle also arrives as 90% assembled, and the user will also receive a tool kit to complete it.

  • Brand value of Hercules
  • Suits almost all people
  • Two style brake system

  • Lacks bell, chain cover, and stand

5.  Omobikes Manali G1 Hybrid cycle

Omobikes Manali G1 26 Inch 26T Single Speed Mountain Cycle 18' Frame...

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The USP of this Omobikes Hybrid cycle is its sleek, tall & ultra-stylish appearance. It has dual disk brakes and a stylish alloy lever that makes braking smooth and steady. Its 17′ inches steel frame is supported by a 26′ inches wheel that provides it adequate height.

The Manali G1 features an ultra-soft PU saddle, strong anti-skid steel paddles, a cordless BB set, & Quill type handlebar that makes your ride super comfortable. However, its thin-threaded tyres support speedy city runs but maybe trouble for hilly trails.

  • Super lightweight and easy to handle
  • Ultra-stylish look
  • Comfortable and sturdy built

  • Tyres could have been a little thick for MTB usage.

6. Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle

Firefox Bikes Voya 700C Single Speed 18 Inches Frame Size Hybrid Bike...

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Firefox Voya is one of the tallest hybrid cycles in the range with an 18 inches frame and 27.5 inches wheel. It can easily support riders up to 6’feet in height and 100 kgs weights. Its steel frame with steel tubing makes it sturdy and robust enough for off-road trails as well. It is equipped with a lightweight anti-friction crankset that maximizes your paddling energy into a super-fast speed.

This Firefox hybrid bicycle features an alloy disc brake & levers, and a front suspension fork with substantial shock absorption power. The front and rear brakes provide robust control to the rider. The Wheels are anti-skid, thick yet not very heavy. Meanwhile, the neon blue and silver colour enhance its overall look.

  • Strong and non-flimsy frame
  • Powerful and safe braking
  • Anti-skid and thick tyres, off-road friendly

  • No guarantee

7. TRIAD X2 Hybrid Cycle

TRIAD X2 Cross - 7 Speed - Fully Fitted Hybrid Bicycle (Matte Grey,...

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TRIAD brings a cycle that will excite those who are learning mountaineering. Use it for recreational purposes and enjoy the power and adrenaline rush. The bike has a 21-speed gear shifter that helps to reign in any trails.

It is an 18-inch bike suitable for children aged 8 or above. The powerful V brakes ensure safety, and wheels are the ones of a mountain bike providing better hold on the terrain. There is also a rigid fork mostly found on mountain bikes that makes the cycle lighter and easy to handle for juniors.

  • Suitable to learn mountaineering
  • Rigid fork suspension
  • V brakes for a powerful pull

  • Not suitable for adults

8. Triad X2-7 Speed Hybrid Cycle

TRIAD X2-7 Speed Fully Fitted 18 inches Frame Unisex Adult's Hybrid...

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TRIAD is a brand creating cycles that are functional and stylish. It is an exclusive design that suits both on-road and off-road cycling.

The frame is 18 inches and is adequate for riders above 5 ft 4 inches. The 26-inch wide tyre renders grip on the heights. For those stubborn roads, you also get mechanical disc brakes that ensure safety. For reaching wherever you want to the company also provides a 21-speed Shimano gear.

  • Shimano 7 speed gear on both front and rear wheels
  • Completely assembled
  • Sturdy, rust-proof aluminium frame

  • No dual suspension

9. CRADIAC Discover Unisex Steel 700C Hybrid Bicycle

CRADIAC 700C Hybrid Bicycle , Frame: 19 Inches , Black for...

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CRADIAC Discover is a powerful and heavy bicycle in this range. Due to its weight (15 kgs), it is suitable for professional and adult riders. Its 28′ inches aluminium alloy frame and 27.5″ x 1.75″ wheels give it a considerable height making it ideal for riders up to 6.5 feet. The Alloy cage pedals provide excellent hold to the rider making it less possible for feet to slip while riding.

This hybrid cycle from Cradiac has been equipped with futuristic mechanical disc brakes. It features front & rear gears and shifters that make the braking quick, powerful yet swift at the same time. This MONTRA unisex hybrid is incredible for both daily usage and off-road sport cycling.

  • Incredible performance
  • Powerful breaks and gears
  • Solid, non-flimsy frame

  • Expensive for these features

10. TOUTCHE HEILEO H200 28 Inch Electric Hybrid Bicycle

TOUTCHE HEILEO H200 Electric Hybrid Road Bike , Wheel: 28' , 21 inch...

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TOUTCHE HEILEO H200 is an incredibly powerful and stylish electric hybrid cycle in India. It is equipped with an intelligent electric transmission controller that supports the rider with pedal assist mode for a range up to 75 km. Its 21 inches frame is made with aluminium alloy that makes it super light to handle despite the considerable weight.

The bicycle comes with wheel size 28X1.26 giving it a considerable height and making it suitable for riders of 5.6 feet and above. It has 6 front gears that assist well while riding up-down on hilly terrain. The dual caliper brakes maintain stability while braking at higher speeds. Its battery comes with 18 months or 500 charge cycles warranty.

  • Three operational modes (regular, fully electric, & electric-pedal assisted mode)
  • Detachable waterproof battery made with Samsung cells
  • Strong build up yet light to handle

  • Expensive

Things to know before buying a Hybrid cycle

Hybrid cycles are the most versatile, adaptable, and hard-wearing of all. In general, buying a cycle could still be easy, but it is essential to know certain factors beforehand when looking for a hybrid type.


The frame is the foundation of a bicycle. Considering the types of frames: easy-entry style, standard diamond-shaped, and trapeze style choose accordingly. The classic diamond-shaped is deemed suitable for longer rides, whereas the other two are particles for everyday use.

On the material front, you can choose from options like steel, aluminium, and carbon. Hybrid cycles of steel build-up are robust and durable yet weighty. Carbon frames are the lightest of all though they mainly come with expensive cycles. Aluminium in all is the perfect choice in terms of weight, strongness, and durability.


Tires make a massive difference in the performance of the cycle. Hybrids with a 700cc Wheelbase are considered best for cracks, bumps, pavements, and even uphill travelling. Avoid hybrid cycles that have thick MTB like tires.


Hybrid cycles come with either rim or disc brakes normally. Disc brakes have taken up over the rim and offer considerably better performance. Now disc brakes could be hydraulically or cable operated. Hydraulics are expensive yet robust and reliable. Whereas the cable operated ones come cheaper but require more maintenance.

Suspension fork

The front suspension fork aids comfortable riding by taking the shock and absorb the effects of bumps and holes. They also ensure to keep your hands on the handle while you bash with something. However, the front suspension fork makes cycles a little heavier while controlling.


Gears play a different role depending upon the path you will cycle at. If you are using your hybrid cycle on a hilly up and down the route, then the one with many gears will help you. However, if you are using it on usual streets and roads, then the single gear hybrid is one for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Will the hybrid cycle allow me to be comfortable on rough roads?

A1. Hybrid cycles are suitable for both plains and plateaus. They have fork suspension that absorbs the shock of rocky terrains and also wide wheels to support you while riding.

Q2. What accessories do I need with my cycle?

A2. Grab a helmet, lock, lamp, and a pair of sunglasses. Apart from these, you can also buy gloves, jerseys, cycling shorts, and an air pump.

Q3. Is buying a hybrid cycle offline better than an online purchase?

A3. An online purchase will render lots of benefits such as huge discounts and home delivery that may not be possible when purchasing through the store. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the perks such as 10 days replacement wherein you can change the cycle if it doesn’t fit well or perform.

Q4. How do I maintain my cycle?

A4. You can keep the cycle clean and indulge in frequent oiling. Also, checking for the chain, wheels, and frame will help in your cycle’s long life. Once in a month or after a vigorous cycle ride, visit your technician to see if there is no damage.


So, these were some of the 7 best hybrid cycles in India. The TOUTCHE HEILEO H200 28 Inch Electric Hybrid Bicycle tops our list, and we recommend it as well.

Being an electric hybrid cycle, it masters in all fields like performance, looks, and durability. The only disadvantage is its cost; however, it is justifiable. By the end of this article, we hope we are successful in providing you with the most relevant and useful information about hybrid cycles in India.

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