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Last updated August 16th, 2022

Need a cycle which you can use on both roads and mountains? Well, we are reviewing the best hybrid cycles you can buy in India. While looking for both MTB and Road cycles' comfort and functionality, the Hybrid bicycles are one thoughtful pick. Hybrid bicycles perform well on paved roads, bike paths, hilly terrain, or light gravel roads. They are smooth & light enough to paddle with the least effort, whereas strong for off-road riding. Hybrid cycles come with versatile characteristics and have a vast range as well. Hence, if you are also confused about picking the right one that justifies performance and cost you have landed at the right place. Please read till the end to get all the necessary information about Hybrid cycles.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Hybrid Cycle in India of 2022

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CRADIAC - Gunner PRO | 700 * 35 C Alloy Hybrid Bike | Shimano Powered | Fully Fitted, TEAL BLUE
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  • 700 X 35C NYLON TYRES
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Firefox Bikes Unisex Road Runner Pro-D 21S Hybrid…

Firefox Bikes Unisex Road Runner Pro-D 21S Hybrid Cycle (Matt Red, Frame: 18 inch)
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  • Road Runner Pro D is a Alloy Hybrid bike that offers the functionality of casual city cycling. This stylish bike is a great choice for daily commute.
  • Alloy Hardtail Hybrid bike with Zoom Suspension Fork with Microshift FD & RD, Microshift Fire Shifters
  • The bike is equiped with Disc-Brake for Power Braking, Double wall rims for extra strength, Seat QR for easy saddle adjustment
  • Key Features: The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). | Tire Size: 700C inches| Frame Size: 18 inches
  • Ideal For:12+Yrs| Min Rider Height:5.4 feet | Max Rider Height: 5.8 feet | Front Brake:Disc-Brake| Rear Brake:Disc-Brake | Frame Material:Alloy|Side Stand:Yes I Reflector:YES I Suspension:Front
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Vaux Swifter-Pro Hybrid Cycle

Vaux Swifter-Pro Hybrid Cycle for Men with Dual Disc Brake, 21 Speed Gear Cycle with Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Alloy Rims & 700Cx35 Thin Tyre Cycle, Bicycle for Adults with Age Group 15+ Years(White)
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  • QUALITY: Vaux Swifter-Pro is a Premium Multispeed Hybrid Cycle made up of argon welded 19 inches HI-TEN Steel Frame With Aesthetic Water Decals, Rigid Fork, Rust Free Double Wall Alloy Rims With 700Cx35C Nylon Tyres & Threadless MTB Flat Handlebar
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Vaux Swifter-Pro Hybrid Bicycle for Men is equipped with a 7x3 Speed Shimano TZ500 Front Derailleur & Rear Derailleur, JAK mechanical disc brakes, front & rear hub with Quick Release for quick assembly and making it easy to carry along.
  • COMFORT: The strong and cushion seat with Quick Release gives you the perfect comfort and riding position, and the handlebar gives you the perfect grip which keeps you safe and the cycle under your control. The Vaux Swifter-Pro is comfortable for both Men and Women with an age group of 15+ years. Ideal for cyclists with a height of 5ft 3ich to 6ft 3inch
  • SAFETY: Equipped with JAK Mechanical Double Disc Brakes gives you the perfect stopping at any unexpected situation. Vaux always recommends our valuable customers to WEAR HELMET WHILE RIDING.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The bicycle is 90% assembled, and requires 15min. to complete 100% assembly. Assembly tools included.
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CRADIAC Hustler 7 Speed | 26 T Hybrid…

CRADIAC Hustler 7 Speed | 26 T Hybrid Cycle | Shimano Powered | Dual DISC Brakes
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CRADIAC Discover Pro | 700 * 35C Hybrid…

CRADIAC Discover Pro | 700 * 35C Hybrid | 21 Speed Shimano Powered | Fully Fitted 19 Inches Unisex , Hybrid Bike, Bicycle, Front
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  • Cradiac Discover Pro is a Hybrid bike that offers easy and smooth riding experience. This stylish bike is a great choice for daily commute.
  • This high tensile steel bike with Cradiac Suspension Fork with, Shimano Tourney TY300 FD & TY 500 RD, Shimano EF 500 Shifters
  • The bike is equipped with Dual Disc Brake for Power Braking, Double wall rims for extra strength, Seat QR for easy saddle adjustment
  • Key Features: The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (95% assembled). | Tire Size: 700C inches| Frame Size: 19 inches
  • Ideal For: 15+ Years | Min Rider Height: 5.8 feet + | Front Brake: DIsc-Brake| Rear Brake: Disc-Brake | Frame Material: High Tensile Steel
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CRADIAC - Discover Pro | 700 * 35 C Hybrid Bike | Single Speed | Double Disc Brakes | Unisex, Front, Blue
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  • 700*35 C HYBRID BIKE
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Urban Terrain UTMystere Hybrid Bike (Blue) 700C Single…

Urban Terrain UTMystere Hybrid Bike (Blue) 700C Single Speed with Free Cycling Event & Ride Tracking App by Cultsport, Frame: 19 Inches, Ideal for Unisex
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  • Get a free three-month diet and fitness plan from our certified dietitians after you download the cultsport App. Our registered dietitians will provide customized meal plans, tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Premium brakes in both front and rear wheels provide maximum safety. The cycle will be delivered in 85% assembled condition.
  • The bike has a sturdy and reliable steel frame that can brave rough riding conditions and terrains, the top-notch construction quality ensures that the bike has a long lifespan
  • The bike comes packed with light and strong double walled alloy rims along with 700C wide tyres that supports comfortable riding and a major performance advantage on the road
  • Easily adjustable saddle height and an attractive grip offer superior comfort and well cushioned ride. The seat height can be adjusted without using any tools.
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TATA stryder Jungle Cruise Hybrid Cycle 700c

TATA stryder Jungle Cruise Hybrid Cycle 700c with Extra Slim Tyres with Dual disc Brakes in Extra Light Weight in 29t Wheel Size
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  • Water decals stickers
  • Double wall alloy rim
  • Extra slim tyres of 29t
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Alloy handle stem
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Omobikes Ladakh X21 | Hybrid Cycle | 21…

Omobikes Ladakh X21 | Hybrid Cycle | 21 Speed Shimano Gears | 19' Alloy Frame | Lockout Suspension | 700C 29T Tire | Ideal for 15+ Years Unisex Adult (Black-Yellow)
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  • BICYCLE: Hybrid City Bike | Shimano 21Gear | 700c (29") | 13 Kg weight
  • IDEAL FOR: Unisex | 15+ Years | Height: 5'6" - 6'0" | Weight upto 105Kg | Commuting & Fitness
  • CYCLING COMMUNITY: All India OMO BIKE Rider Reward Program | Ride, Grow & Upgrade your bicycle with Top Cyclists
  • FRAME & FORK: 19" Alloy 6061 Aluminium | Lockout Suspension, 50mm Travel, Preload
  • WHEEL & BRAKES : 700*35 Nylon Tire | Double Wall Alloy Rim | JAK7 Mechanical Disc Brakes
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Omobikes Model 1.7 26 Inch 26T Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes Model 1.7 26 Inch 26T Hybrid Cycle with 7 Speed Shimano Gears for Men Women Boys and Girls 18' Frame Green Color Ideal for 13+ Years
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  • Cycle comes in 90% assembled state, And it can be fixed easily at Home (DIY) by fixing front wheel, pedals and Handle bar. Assembly manual and video link for assembly is provided in box along with assembly tools. It is recommended to get the Bicycle fine tuned before Riding
  • Tyre Size : 26 Inches | Frame Size : 18 Inch | Brake Style : Power V Brakes | Speed Rating : 7 Speed Shimano Tourney
  • Ideal For 13+ Years | Height : 5 feet 3 Inch to 6 feet 0 inch
  • Wheel Type : Tubelar | Frame Material : Steel | Suspension : Rigid
  • In Box Contents Allen key Spanner : Yes | Mudguard : Yes | Stand : Yes | Carrier : No | Lock : No | Bell : No
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Things to know before buying a Hybrid cycle

Hybrid cycles are the most versatile, adaptable, and hard-wearing of all. In general, buying a cycle could still be easy, but it is essential to know certain factors beforehand when looking for a hybrid type.


The frame is the foundation of a bicycle. Considering the types of frames: easy-entry style, standard diamond-shaped, and trapeze style choose accordingly. The classic diamond-shaped is deemed suitable for longer rides, whereas the other two are particles for everyday use.

On the material front, you can choose from options like steel, aluminium, and carbon. Hybrid cycles of steel build-up are robust and durable yet weighty. Carbon frames are the lightest of all though they mainly come with expensive cycles. Aluminium in all is the perfect choice in terms of weight, strongness, and durability.


Tires make a massive difference in the performance of the cycle. Hybrids with a 700cc Wheelbase are considered best for cracks, bumps, pavements, and even uphill travelling. Avoid hybrid cycles that have thick MTB like tires.


Hybrid cycles come with either rim or disc brakes normally. Disc brakes have taken up over the rim and offer considerably better performance. Now disc brakes could be hydraulically or cable operated. Hydraulics are expensive yet robust and reliable. Whereas the cable operated ones come cheaper but require more maintenance.

Suspension fork

The front suspension fork aids comfortable riding by taking the shock and absorb the effects of bumps and holes. They also ensure to keep your hands on the handle while you bash with something. However, the front suspension fork makes cycles a little heavier while controlling.


Gears play a different role depending upon the path you will cycle at. If you are using your hybrid cycle on a hilly up and down the route, then the one with many gears will help you. However, if you are using it on usual streets and roads, then the single gear hybrid is one for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Will the hybrid cycle allow me to be comfortable on rough roads?

A1. Hybrid cycles are suitable for both plains and plateaus. They have fork suspension that absorbs the shock of rocky terrains and also wide wheels to support you while riding.

Q2. What accessories do I need with my cycle?

A2. Grab a helmet, lock, lamp, and a pair of sunglasses. Apart from these, you can also buy gloves, jerseys, cycling shorts, and an air pump.

Q3. Is buying a hybrid cycle offline better than an online purchase?

A3. An online purchase will render lots of benefits such as huge discounts and home delivery that may not be possible when purchasing through the store. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the perks such as 10 days replacement wherein you can change the cycle if it doesn’t fit well or perform.

Q4. How do I maintain my cycle?

A4. You can keep the cycle clean and indulge in frequent oiling. Also, checking for the chain, wheels, and frame will help in your cycle’s long life. Once in a month or after a vigorous cycle ride, visit your technician to see if there is no damage.


So, these were some of the 7 best hybrid cycles in India. The TOUTCHE HEILEO H200 28 Inch Electric Hybrid Bicycle tops our list, and we recommend it as well.

Being an electric hybrid cycle, it masters in all fields like performance, looks, and durability. The only disadvantage is its cost; however, it is justifiable. By the end of this article, we hope we are successful in providing you with the most relevant and useful information about hybrid cycles in India.


Ajay Kumar is a passionate cyclist and loves reviewing products related to cycling. He has been riding bikes since he was a kid and has never stopped since. He loves to share his knowledge and insights about cycling with others and hopes to help more people enjoy the sport.