Best Gear Cycle Under 10000 In India

A bicycle is a prized possession for children, and they will do all they can to get their hands on one, right? Cycling has become a popular pastime for individuals of all ages. Purchasing a cheap gear cycle might be challenging. Not only must you bear your cash in mind, but you must also thoroughly study the item to prevent making a blunder.

This article discusses the top ten gear bicycles available under 10,000, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. 

Best Gear Cycle Under 10000

1) Hercules Unisex

Hercules Roadeo Hannibal 26 Adult Medium Cycle, (Knight Black/Green)

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To begin, this gear bicycle is undoubtedly the greatest mountain bike for all sorts of routes. It has an aluminum alloys frame, which ensures optimum longevity for its users. Another advantage of this bicycle would be that it arrives 85 percent complete, so you won’t have to spend much time assembling it before riding. 

An 18-inch wide frame and 26-inch wide wheels enable the cycle to operate effectively in any situation. Additionally, customers get front as well as rear disc braking that are precise and instantaneous in their use. 


  • This bicycle comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It is highly durable


  • This bicycle’s front suspensions are black and they cannot maintain their quality. 

2) Hero Octane 26T

Hero Octane Dude 26T 21 Men's Speed Mountain Cycle,Frame size: 18...

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A steel body component is an excellent option as it allows the bicycle to be utilized in a variety of difficult settings. This bicycle is ideal for riders that are at least 5.5 feet tall and no more than 5.11 feet tall.

To ensure the cyclists’ safety, this bike is equipped with caliper brakes in front and rear sections. This 21-speed bicycle is perfectly suited for mountain climbing with optimum grip and steadiness. 


  • This bicycle comes with a steel frame and provides high durability. 
  • It has Caliper brakes. 


  • The nuts, as well as bolts of this bicycle, are constructed of cheap components. 

3) Hercules Roadeo Maverick

Hercules Roadeo Maverick 27.5T 7-Speed Cycle (Yellow Gloss)

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This bicycle is supplied to you in a 90% completed form, which ensures you may avoid all the headaches associated with bike assembly. It has a 27.5-inch tire, which decreases rolling resistance and conserves the most energy. Along with increased user comfort, these broad tires are extremely speedy. 


  • This bicycle is 90% assembled. 
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year. 


  • Sometimes front wheel doesn’t move properly.

4) Hercules Roadeo A50

Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle(Stone White)

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This bike under 10,000 is supplied to the customer in a 90% built form, allowing riders to immediately go on an exciting ride. Disc braking in front, as well as a V-braking at the back, provide the best in terms of stopping power and safety.

The steel body construction ensures that the bicycle may be utilized in all sorts of use as well as tear scenarios without concern of damage. Additionally, it has a customizable seat for optimal user comfort. 


  • It can take load up to 70 kg
  • It has disc braking as well as v braking system


  • Not so stylish

5) Hercules Top Gear

Hercules Top Gear-FX100 26T 18 Speed Men's Mass Geared ‎Road Bike...

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This Hercules item has a 26-inch tire size, which is pretty large for a quick riding experience. The greater width of the wheels not only offers optimal pleasure but also minimizes rolling resistance. 

Additionally, steel sporty body style is highly appealing to consumers. The 18-speed transmission has alloy lever brakes at the back and V-brakes upfront. This combo of brakes ensures the rider’s optimum safety and stability on all sorts of rough terrain.


  • This gear bicycle comes with alloy as well as a v brake system. 
  • It has PU soft paddle system. 


  • No cons come in front yet. 

6) Hero Sprint 26T

Hero Sprint 26T Winner 18 Speed Junior Cycle 18-inches (Black)

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18-inch wheels on this bike provide a respectable ride for riders. You may enjoy a pleasant ride while also getting a taste of speed riding. To complement the wheel size, this bicycle also has an eighteen-inch frame, completing the package of appearances. Besides, it features steel construction that enables consumers to ride this bicycle in any condition without fear of wear and tear. 


  • This bicycle comes with rigid suspension
  • It has a caliper braking system. 


  • This bicycle is not so stylish

7) Kross Bolt 26T

Kross Bolt 26T Single Speed Black Sports Bicycle

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This cycle is recommended for users above the age of 13. In terms of gearing, this bicycle has a 21-speed transmission that enhances the whole riding experience. The gear changer is a thumb-operated design, which makes changing gears very simple and comfortable. Additionally, this bicycle is a stylish and appealing machine that has the ability to wow you.


  • It comes with a smooth grip. 
  • This bicycle’s braking system and seating management are good. 


  • Not ideal for kids

Buying Guide for Best Gear Cycle Under 10000

When you are going to buy a geared bicycle under 10000 rs. you have to keep a few things in mind, such as, build quality, braking system, etc. These things are described below in detail:


We’ve concentrated on cycles built of high-quality steel that are fairly durable in this selection. The focus is on high-quality bikes for your comfort and safety. These bicycles described above are capable of conquering every sort of route.

Different Types of Brakes:

There are three basic kinds of bicycle brakes: rim, disc, and drum. The brake system is superior to the other two because it can create greater braking force. Additionally, they may give a speedier ride than standard ones.


Finally, you have to consider the price. There are a few gear bicycles available under 8000, which we have listed above. Those are also good in quality. You can go for them and save 2000 rs. 


We believe our list of the top bikes in India under ten thousand rupees helped in narrowing your search. Which one of these bicycles most interests you? We painstakingly compiled this impartial list after doing extensive research on the items and their comparisons. However, if any cycle fully meets your needs, please double-check the parameters. Hope this article will clear your doubts. 

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