Best Fat Tyre Bicycles in India

Fat tire bicycles have override tires that fit on larger rims around 100mm. Fat tires act as good shock absorber as they have low pressure, so you get a super-comfortable ride with it. They also provide more balance and control, so you get to easily ride on fat-tire bicycles.

With a lot of advantages, these bikes are especially popular among kids who are not comfortable with riding a bicycle. In India, there are a lot of fat tire bicycle models available from different brands so it may be difficult to choose the best one for your ride. In this post, we take a look at some of the best fat tire bicycle models that you can buy with its pros and cons.

Best Fat Tire Bicycles in India

1) Hero Cycle Monk Fat Tyre Bicycle

HERO CYCLE Monk 26/3.00 Fat Tyre 18.00 Inches Wheel Dual Disc Break...

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This fat tire bicycle model from the reputed Hero brand will definitely give you a comfortable riding experience. The 26 by 3-inch tire present on this cycle will easily absorb shock and give you a seamless ride. With a single suspension present at the front, you can ride this cycle on a bumpy road without any difficulties.

The dual-disc brakes present on this bicycle will give you a good stopping force when needed. With a good design and build, this fat tire bicycle is the one to get for the price.


  • It features dual-disc brakes.
  • It has a suspension at the front.

2) Black Love Freedom Bicycle

Men's Fat Tyre Love Freedom Mountain Bike / Bicycle - 26 Inch, Black...

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Made from alloy frame and rims, the Black Love freedom fat tire bicycle is one of the best in the market. The alloy frame makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The 4-inch fat tire present in this bicycle gives it good comfortability while riding. The 21 speed Shimano gear will give you good speed when needed.

The dual-disc brakes and front suspension are some additional useful accessories that will make your ride much smoother. Overall, the Black Love Freedom fat tire bicycle is one of the best in the market.


  • It is made of alloy-frame and rims.
  • It has a good 4-inch width tire.


MDS UNLIMITED CYCLES Rhino Flyer 20 inch 21 Gear Unisex Kids Cycle Fat...

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The MDS is an Indian brand, which makes some of the best and popular bicycle models. This fat tire bicycle model from MDS is made from an aluminium-alloy frame, so it is lightweight and durable. With dual disc brakes, this bicycle has a strong braking system. A suspension present at the front is an added benefit to you when buying this cycle. With a stunning look, you get a really great fat tire bicycle with the purchase of this model.


  • It has a triple wall alloy rim to give it extra strength.
  • It has a front suspension present at the front.

4) Sturdy Fat Tire Bicycle

STURDY BIKES Dual Suspension Downhill Style Fat Bike - White

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Fat tire bicycles from the Sturdy brand is one of the popular models in India. This fat tire model from sturdy is equipped with the dual suspension to give you great comfort while riding on a bumpy road. The carbon steel frame gives it high strength and durability, so it will work without any wear for a long time. The Shimano branded gears present on this cycle gives it a smooth shifting of gears.

The dual mechanical disc-brakes present on this bicycle will give it a good stopping force when needed. With all these useful features, you get a well made fat tire bicycle with this buy.


  • It features smooth-shifting gears.
  • It is made of a high-strength carbon steel frame.

5) Endless 26T Fat Tyre Bicycle

Endless 26T Fat Tyre Double Suspension Mountain Bike (Mat Blue)

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This Fat tire bicycle from Endless features a 4-inch tire that is perfect for off-road riding. It features a carbon steel frame build to give it high strength and durability. With a dual-suspension design, you get a comfortable riding experience with this bike even on a bumpy trail road. The 21 speed Shimano branded gears will give you smooth and convenient gear switching.

The eye-catching jaguar frame design gives this bicycle a unique look when riding on the road. With a good set of features, you get a great bicycle with this purchase.


  • It has a dual-suspension.
  • It features 21-speed gear.

6) LightSpeed Fury Fat Tire Bicycle

Lightspeed Fury 21 Speed Bicycle

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This Fat tire bicycle from Lightspeed gives you enhanced comfort and optimal riding experience. This bicycle is available in two speed variants(7-speed and 21-speed), so you can choose the one based on your preference. With a cushioned saddle, you get good a comfortable riding with this bicycle.

The powerful 180mm mechanical brakes present on the front and back give it a good stopping force when needed. With quality and lightweight aluminum-alloy build, you get an excellent fat tire bicycle for the price.


  • It has a quality front suspension.
  • The frame is made of lightweight material.

7) Axan Fat Tire Bicycle

AXAN Shimano Gears 26 inches Wheel Size, 18 inches Steel Frame, Fat...

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With a 21 gear combination, you get a great fat tire bicycle with this purchase. The steel frame of this bicycle gives it good strength and durability for long-term use. The front and rear disc brakes present in this bicycle give it a good stopping force when needed. You also get additional accessories like a mudguard, bottle cage, and tool kit to make it a compelling buy. With a one-year manufacturing warranty on the frame, you get a good bicycle for the price.


  • It has a jaguar frame design with aluminum alloy pedals.
  • It is made of a thick carbon-steel frame.

Buying Guide for Fat Tire Bicycle

man Sitting Beside Bicycle

Some important factors to consider before buying a fat tire bicycle are,

Wheel Size

Fat tire bicycle comes in many sizes that range from 60 to 100mm. If you get a wider tire bicycle, the rim will also get wider according to it. A wider tire will give you good comfortability in riding through a bumpy road but it will feel heavier. A narrower tire will have less weight, so you can easily handle it in all situations. Based on your preference, you can choose either a wider or narrower tire.


Some fat-tire bicycles can accommodate both the fat tire and standard rims. This gives you the option to change your tires depending on the environment. If you ride on the sand, then use the fat-tire setup. For lighter riding, you can use the narrower tire. If you like options on riding different tires for different conditions, then you should definitely go with this type of bicycles.


When buying a fat tire bicycle, you may not see the need for a suspension. Both the suspension and fat-tire can absorb the shock well while riding on a bumpy road but it is better to have a suspension to handle hard bumps on the road. So go for at least a half-suspension setup with your bicycle if you frequently ride on a hard and bumpy road.

Man in Black and Red Long Sleeve Shirt Riding on Black and White Bicycle

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure controls how the bicycle will interact with the ground. High volume fat tires run at a lower pressure than the normal tires and it is suitable for riding on muddier conditions. You can always up the pressure to ride it on firmer road conditions. It is good to buy a digital pressure gauge with your bicycle to measure and adjust the pressure of your tires.

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Fat tire bicycles are becoming more and more popular and there are many models available in the Indian market to choose from. The above listed are some of the best fat-tire bicycles that you can buy without any second thoughts. We hope this post with the buying guide helps you in getting a good fat tire bicycle.

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