Best Exercise Cycle In India (Reduce belly fat and get fit)

Which is the best exercise for a full-body workout? Almost all fitness enthusiasts will suggest purchasing a cycle.

We are among the lucky generation that has seen people ride a bicycle to work and stay fit all through their lives. There is no better way to exercise. With an increasing number of vehicles and pollution, it becomes difficult for people to venture out and exercise.

Exercise cycles become the best choice for people in such stringent conditions. It can be placed in any corner of your home and help you to reduce belly fat quickly.

Best exercise cycles in India

We have researched India’s best exercise cycles and have carefully culminated in a list of top 10 bikes.

Here we present to you the pros and cons of these cycles. Read on and choose the best exercise cycle for your home gym.

1. HB Mall India Fitness Cycle

HBMALLINDIA Smart Fitness Cycle Digital Foldable Portable Foot Pedal...

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Are you a beginner who knows nothing about exercise cycles? The HB mall India exercise cycle is made for you. It provides an adequate workout to your arms and legs. There is a tension knob that helps to adjust resistance and upgrade your workout regimen.

The foldable machine is skid-free and lightweight enough to be carried anywhere. One can examine the progress on the LCD screen that shows time, speed, calories burned, and RPM.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Easy to carry


  • Does not offer a full-body workout

2. Qualimate smart fitness cycle

Qualimate Exercise Cycle for Home Smart Fitness Cycling Machine...

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Want to exercise while reading a magazine? Qualimate smart fitness cycle offers you the benefits of a workout when reading, watching television, or relaxing on the couch. The device weighs 200gms and can be carried anywhere.

However, we cannot doubt the device’s benefits since it has the power to strengthen your legs and arms. It also increases stamina and focus. The non-slip device also has an LCD screen that informs about RPM, speed, time, and calories burnt so that you achieve your daily workout goals.


  • Lightweight machine at 200gm
  • Strengthens arm, legs and increases stamina
  • Non-skid and sturdy frame


  • Not suitable for high-intensity workouts

3. Qualimate portable exercise cycle

Qualimate Cycle Exercise Macines Home Portable Mini Home Cycle for...

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How about bringing home a sleek and best exercise cycle that looks stylish and also serves the purpose? Qualimate portable exercise cycles will glam up your home and also make you fit. It strengthens your body and enhances endurance.

The compact design fits into a tiny space helping you to exercise when relaxing. Though the device makes workout an easy process, it stands high when it comes to results. The LCD screen shows your progress and helps to upgrade efficiently.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Tension knob for resistance
  • Sturdy frame


  • Not suitable for older adults with balance problems

4. Reach air bike home cycle

Reach AB-90 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle with Stationary Handles.

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A full-body workout on a stationary exercise cycle is the best way to start your day. The Reach air bike home cycle made with robust steel is durable and sturdy. It supports a maximum user weight of 100kgs. The device has an adjustable seat that enables multiple user interfaces.

One can meet daily workout goals on this exercise cycle as it works on belt resistance. Its hassle-free usage makes it a favourite among those who want an affordable exercise cycle for their home gym. The LCD tracker informs regarding the progress.


  • Maintenance-free belt resistance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Non-skid design


  • The handles are stationary

5. Reach air bike with moving handles

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles & Adjustable...

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The reach air bike comes with a variation in handles where the users can either workout on a stationary or moving handles. One can easily accomplish a full-body workout with the best exercise cycle. The tension knob helps to regulate the exercise regimen and upgrade oneself timely.

For comfort, the device has an adjustable and cushioned seat. If using the exercise cycle for your home gym, anyone till 100kg can workout on it. The air bike works on belt resistance that is maintenance-free and durable.


  • Moving and stationary handles
  • Extensive full-body workout
  • 1-year warranty


  • Assembling the exercise cycle may need professional help

6. Generic Sportal exercise cycle

SPORTAL Air Bike Exercise Home Gym Cycle | Best Cardio Fitness Machine...

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The generic sportal exercise cycle is an excellent device for low and medium intensity workouts. It renders a full-body cardio exercise. The handles are both stationary and moving that help to perform upper and lower body exercise efficiently.

It is the tension knob that helps to regulate resistance. You can track your progress with a monitor that shows speed, distance, and time. The manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on the product.


  • Helps in full-body cardio exercise
  • The machine needs no maintenance
  • The device has a dual handle


  • The machine does not support high-intensity workout sessions

7. Generic A1 solution

A1 Solution A101 Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Stationary or Dual...

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The generic A1 solution exercise cycle is all you need to strengthen the entire body and enhance endurance levels. The best about this exercise bike is that it is made in India. The best Generic A1 solution is the best exercise cycle to provide a full-body workout.

There is a tension knob that can tighten the belt and help you upgrade. It also has a tracker that records real-time values of time, distance, speed, and calories burnt in a session. The exercise cycle also accompanies a video for easy installation.


  • Made in India
  • Tension knob adjustment for a low and high impact workout session
  • Provides a full-body workout


  • High-intensity workout can be noisy

8. Healthex HX100 exercise cycle

Healthex Exercise Gym Cycle 1001BT Air Bike with Fixed Handles Back...

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The Healthex HX100 exercise cycle provides a workout with its belt resistance cycle and twister. The bike allows every member of your family to work out and achieve their health goals. The seat is adjustable, and it also has a backrest for added support.

When bored with cycling, get down to the twister and develop your flexibility. A tracker determines the speed, calorie burnt, time, and distance covered by the user. This best exercise cycle comes with a 6 months warranty.


  • Exercise cycle with a twister
  • Anti-skid and durable frame
  • Back support


  • The handles are stationary


If you are a family who wants to perform low, medium, and high-intensity workouts, this bike is apt for your home gym. Anyone until 100kgs can use this exercise cycle. There is a tension knob to increase resistance, and the bike works on a belt resistance technology that is known to be maintenance-free and durable.

The exercise cycle also has a tracker that shows the real-time value of distance, calorie, time, and user speed. Handles can be used both as stationary or moving to ensure that you spawn a full-body workout.


  • Perform high-intensity workout
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low maintenance


  • The installation is a hassle.

10. Dolphy exercise cycle

DOLPHY DGBCL0003 ABS-Sprayed Steel Exercise Spinning Cycling Bike, Red...

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How about bringing home an exercise cycle that helps you stay fit and adds to the décor. The bike comes in a classic combination of red and black that amplifies the look of your interiors. It is made of sturdy steel.

The seat is adjustable, horizontally and vertically. The same implies to the handle. There is a quick stop brake that helps in emergencies, and the device works on belt resistance.


  • Quick stop brake
  • Maximum user weight of 180kgs
  • Adjustable handles and seats


  • Costly, when compared to all the other

Buying guide for the best exercise cycle/bike in India

Purchasing an exercise bike for home is an investment, and one must always try to do detailed research.

Here we have created a guide of things you must remember before buying the best exercise cycle.

Examine your goals

There are multiple exercise cycles/bikes. The pedal cycle can help you exercise hands and legs, wherein an air bike provides complete full-body exercise. Similarly, upright bikes exercise the abdominal muscles.

Weight capacity

On average, the best exercise cycles can endure a weight of 100kgs. Because you are purchasing the bike for home use, it is viable for the entire family to use it. Examine the weight of your heaviest family member and invest in a bike that suits them.

Seat adjustability

All the best exercise cycles come with an adjustable seat. Look for the ones that can help the shortest and longest member of the family to exercise.

Sturdiness and safety

Wobble is the worst thing to experience during a high-intensity workout session. An exercise cycle with anti-skid pads and a sturdy frame can help you workout without fear of toppling.

Resistance levels

To achieve a specific weight loss goal, you must be able to push yourself and exercise daily. Variable resistance levels can help you in the process. Most air bikes facilitate their users with various resistance levels to upgrade themselves.


In India, the maximum range of exercise cycles is around 15000 Rs. You can always grab one of the best exercise cycles in top quality at that price. The ones at 5000 can also serve the purpose but with a few limitations. Hence, it is apt to look into the features before zeroing on the exercise cycle.


The exercise cycle is your one-stop solution to leading a healthy life during hectic schedules. All the above bikes have been carefully tested by our users to provide a detailed review to you. This time we have two favourite best exercise cycles.

Generic superfit air bike, because it has all the features of an efficient home gym partner. The moveable handles and ability to workout at all intensities make it a favourite.

Dolphy exercise cycle, since the exercise cycle is equipped with supreme qualities of seat adjustments and resistance. Moreover, the user weight is also 180kgs. The wide pedals and quick stop break are again the properties to look for in this cycle.

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