Best Electric Cycles in India 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

Bicycles are probably one of the best Eco-friendly vehicles in today’s world where pollution and global warming have become hot issues. But when it comes to speed, modification and reliability, normal bicycles are not that helpful.

There comes the Electric Cycle, an innovation which is going to be the next generation’s vehicle. In this following list, these are the best and innovative electric cycles that are also available in online stores.

Top 10 Electric Cycles in India 2022

1) Geekay Electric Bike

Geekay Ecobike Electric bike Gear Cycle Green 27.5' wheel mountain...

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Geekay electric bikes are a fantastic and powerful e-cycle. It comes with 36 Volt 7.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery which gives a 50-70 km riding range. It is made with high-quality and lightweight alloy frame with LED headlight and light horn. This e-cycle is noiseless and the waterproof cables give it extra safety.


  • The waterproof cables assure the safety of the bike which makes it easily accessible in the mountain region.
  • It takes only 2-3 hours to charge the battery and that gives almost 70 km riding time.


  • The electric cycle is 85% assembled by the manufacturers, you need to follow some crucial instructions to assemble it.
  • The e-cycle is not suitable for everyone, especially for beginners.

2) TRIAD E3 Electric Bicycle

TRIAD E3 26T Unisex 18'' Aluminium Frame 26 Inch Tire Electric Bike...

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Triad E3 is an 18” aluminium framed fully assembled electric cycle which can give you the best riding experience. It has an EU certified smart 36v 7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery that gives a mileage of 50 km.


  • This electric cycle is accessible to everyone.
  • Triad e-cycle is 99% assembled so you do not need to give it an extra effort.


  • You need to access the battery with pedal assist.
  • This cycle is not water-resistant and safety proved.

3) Walkman E-Cycle

Walkman E-Cycle ToRR for all

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Walkman electric cycle has a 26” framed body with an inbuilt high-quality Lithium-Ion battery. It comes with some attractive colours like parrot green, white, pink that makes it useful for everyone.


  • The lightweight body and easy access make it very useful for beginners.
  • The Walkman Torr e-cycle has a reasonable price.


4) GoZero Mobility E-Bike

GoZero Mile | Electric Bicycle India | Pedal Assist | Throttle | 36V...

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GoZero Mile is a beautifully designed e-cycle from GoZero Mobility. This cycle has a powerful motor with a 250W BLDC hub motor. The GoZero cycle comes with a high quality 300Wh 18650 3C cell portable battery. It also has an inbuilt LED display that will inform you of battery life.


  • It has JAK disc brakes and OrbiShox forks that can give you a premium experience.
  • This electric cycle has 3 levels of pedal assist and you can access it from the LED display.
  • Even with some top quality features, this electric cycle has a reasonable price.


  • The premium quality and complications could be a little hard for new users.

5) BattREÂ Electric Cycle

BattRE Electric Cycle - NEWTRON | 8 Ah Lithium Battery | Runs 25 to...

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BattREÂ electric cycle has an attractive frame that is made with tensile steel. The cycle comes with 250 BLDC watts motor and high-quality battery. It also has double-wall alloy rims and dual disk brakes.


  • This electric cycle is completely assembled and user friendly.
  • It comes with 3 level padel assist that is also helpful.


  • The riding range is 25-30 km which is very low compared to other electric cycles.
  • The colour and tyre profile could be disappointing.

6) Carrywheels Freedom Electric Bicycle

Carrywheels ® The Carrywheels Freedom Electric Bicycle (Ornge)

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Carrywheels electric cycle has a splendid style that comes in 5 colours. This folding electric cycle has a front LED light, sporty mudguards, rear carrier, electric horn and other premium features. The e-cycle gives a top speed of 25km/hr.


  • The cycle is completely assembled, so you do not have to assemble it by yourself.
  • The best thing about this bike is it is height adjustable.


  • It needs proper maintenance.
  • Even though the electric cycle has a premium quality, the battery is not that powerful.

7) Swagtron Folding E-Cycle

SWAGTRON Aluminum Folding Electric Bike for Unisex Kids (Black, 14...

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Swagtron electric cycle is another top-quality innovation. This e-bike is pre-assembled and height-adjustable folding design. The 14-inch wheels add a high speed and smooth riding experience. Swagtron electric cycle also has folding features that can be easily accessible by anyone.


  • This folding cycle is also height-adjustable, so it is easy to access for both adults and teens.
  • The e-cycle has a 15.5-mile range.


  • The price of a Swagtron e-cycle is a little bit higher than other brands.

8) Lectro Kinza Electric Cycle

Lectro Kinza 27T Single Speed Electric Cycle ( Blue )| 3 Level LED...

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The Lectro Kinza electric cycle has a simple design at a very reasonable price. The 36V 5.8 AH battery gives it a smooth and long-lasting riding experience. The aluminium alloy body gives tough and safe access.


  • The price is really affordable with some high-quality features.
  • The electric cycle has a 3 layer LED display.
  • Lectro Kinza has a riding range 30-40 which is quite good for this e-cycle.


  • Though this cycle comes with some premium features, it is not water-resistant.

9) Autonix EV E-Bicycle

Autonix EV | VOLTIC | Titanium 17.00 frame 26T Electric Bicycle for...

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Autonix EV has a classic design with a 250W BLDC sensor motor. The 5.2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery gives a good battery life. Autonix electric cycle is made with steel alloy and comes with a 12 months warranty.


  • A simple and useful electric cycle that can make your riding experience better.
  • The mileage of this electric cycle has both throttle and pedelec mode.


  • This e-cycle is not waterproof.
  • The safety of this electric cycle has not proven.

10) Orbis Electric Bike

ORBIS Cycles Unisex Aluminium 6061 Strode Bike ONN Rover Electric...

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Orbis 18” electric cycle is made of aerodynamic steel. The high-quality battery adds a 30-50 riding range that is also good for mountain riding. It also has a 12 magnet PAS dustproof magnet and LED display. This fast and responsive electric cycle can give you the best riding experience.


  • Orbis e-bike has a premium quality speed.
  • This electric cycle has waterproof wires and a controller box.
  • Orbis e-bike comes with a full accelerator grip with a safety lock and an LCD display.


  • The cycle is not completely assembled, you need to work on it.

Buying Guide For The Best Electric Cycle

Electric cycles are quite new in India. It is easy to predict that electric cycles are going to add some values to people’s lives soon. So before buying it, you need to be careful about a few things.

  • Durability

When you are buying your first electric cycle, you need to check the durability. So it would be good if you check the manufacturer’s reputation and review first. Also, go with the brand that gives at least a 6 months warranty.

  • Budget

An e-cycle is 5x more costly than your normal cycle. So, you need to be well aware of the budget. Do not go for high priced fancy electric cycles if you are a new buyer.

  • Safety

Safety is the main thing. Most of the manufacturers promise full safety, but still, you have to be careful about it. Please check the full description and manual before buying your first e-cycle.

  • Benefits

Before buying an electric cycle, you need to be aware of the benefits of it. Check descriptions or contract manufacturers before buying your e-cycle.

FAQs Regarding Best Electric Cycles

  • Does an E-cycle have more speed than a normal cycle?

Yes, it has. With an in-built battery, an electric cycle can have a 30-70 km riding range. The average speed of an electric cycle is 25km/hr which is much higher than the normal cycle.

  • Do you have to buy a premium quality electric cycle?

It totally depends on you. But it is recommended to go for a basic electric cycle if you are buying for the first time. If you are from a mountain region or want to try mountain biking, then you need a premium quality electric cycle.

  • Do you need a license for an electric cycle?

No, you don’t need a license as long as you are buying an electric cycle that has an ARAI certificate. Make sure to check all the guidance before buying it.

  • Are electric cycles safe?

Safety is the most important thing and it totally depends on you. Most of the brands try to give the best protection, but you need to be careful about your own safety.

  • Are folding electric cycles better than basic e-cycles?

Folding electric cycles have height adjustability, so it is accessible for both teenagers and adults. But basic electric cycles are mostly made for adults. And folding e-cycles have some top quality features.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing your first electric bicycle is a tough yet fun job. Before buying it, always try to do your research.

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