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Last updated August 15th, 2022

We are reviewing Best Cycles Under 8000. As the government starts to unlock, we see a flock of cyclists on the roads. When the entire economy was facing a low, it was cycles and essential commodities that saw a boom. Coronavirus stressed on the importance of fitness and immunity rather than saving time. So people resorted to the old travel partners, i.e., the cycles. Not just the pandemic but the skyrocketing fuel prices also literally brought people out from the fuel run vehicles. Are you also looking for a cycle in the budget? You are in the right place as we already have multiple choices aligned.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Cycles Under 8000 in India 2022 - Reviews & Buying Guide

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Leader Speedy Bike 20T Single Speed Kids Cycle

Leader Speedy Bike 20T Single Speed Kids Cycle with Front Suspension & Front Disc Brake Ideal for 7-10 Years Age
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Leader Buddy 16T Sea Green/Light Pink Colour Cycle

Leader Buddy 16T Sea Green/Light Pink Colour Cycle for Kids/Age Group 5-8 Years
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  • Semi-Assembled condition (90% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use.
  • Tire Size: 16 inches | Frame Size: 10 inches
  • Ideal For: 5-7 Years | Min Rider Height: 3.3FT | Max Rider Height: 4.0FT
  • Front Brake: Caliper Brakes | Rear Brake: Caliper Brakes
  • Frame Material: Steel | Suspension : Rigid Fork
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Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T Cycle (Yellow

Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T Cycle (Yellow and Black) I Ideal for: Kids (5-8 Years) I Frame Size: 12' | Ideal Height : 3 ft 10 inch+ I Unisex Cycle| 85% Assembled (Easy self-Assembly)
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  • Lifelong Cycle Tribe 20T is designed for children of the age group of 5-8 years with height of 3feet 10inches, who like to ride in style
  • Design: Tribe cycle offers a fresh look with the stylish design. The high handlebar complete styling. | Tyre size: 20 inches
  • Quality: The robust frame, highest quality components and top-notch paint quality will ensure that the bike runs for many years. More than 50 quality test ensure highest standards of performance. The bike is shipped in 85% assembled state and requires assembly on delivery.
  • Additional features:  Handle Grip, Spoke guard, Pre-fitted Stand
  • Comfort: This cycle comes with both comfort and style. Features like a padded saddle, ergonomically designed high handlebar, soft rubber grips and lightweight frame ensure high degree of comfort.
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VESCO Kiddo Cycle 14-T Kids Sports Bicycle Training…

VESCO Kiddo Cycle 14-T Kids Sports Bicycle Training Wheels | Best for: 3-5 Year Boys & Girls (85% Assembled) - Blue
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  • ✅ Assembly Instructions: The Kids' Cycles is Delivered in Semi-Assembled Condition (85% Assembled), (Pedals, Side Trainning Wheels, Handle are Not assembled). Customer Needs to Assemble it Before use Allen Key & Spanner Provided in Box For Installation
  • ✅ Tire Size: 14 Inch | Frame Size: 9 Inch | Brake Style: Caliper | Speed: Single Speed
  • ✅ Tire Type: Tubeless | Frame Material: Carbon Steel | Suspension: No | Wheel : Mag Wheel (Plastic)
  • ✅ What's In The Box: Handle | Pedals | Side Training Wheels | Toolkit: Allen Key & Spanner
  • ✅ Ideal for: 2 to 5 Year Kids Boys & Girls
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Boldfit Cycle Pump

Boldfit Cycle Pump for Bicycle Portable Air Pump for Cycle and Bike Foot Balloon Pump Machine for Balloon High Pressure Cycle Air Pump for Bicycle, Car, Football Pump, Pump for Cycle Tyre Black
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  • EFFORTLESS INFLATION WITH FOOT POWER: Our air pump for cycle and bike is engineered to harness the power of your legs, making the inflation process effortless and efficient. Simply step on the pedal, and you'll witness your bicycle tires quickly reach the perfect pressure. The advantage of using your feet for inflation not only saves you time and effort but also provides a smoother and more consistent airflow. Say goodbye to the traditional hand pumps, and welcome the superior efficiency of foot power.
  • DURABLE AND STABLE: We understand that outdoor adventures can be tough on your gear. That's why our foot pump is meticulously crafted with durability and stability in mind. The robust frame is designed to withstand the pressures of consistent use. Whether you're on an extended cycling journey or require frequent inflation for various sports equipment, this volleyball pump and pin remains a steadfast companion. It's built to endure, ensuring it remains a reliable tool for years to come.
  • VERSATILE FOR ALL YOUR INFLATION: Our foot pump doesn't limit its capabilities to just bicycles. It comes equipped with multiple valve adapters, offering compatibility with various valve types. This means it's not just for your bike; it's your go-to solution for inflating a wide range of sports equipment. From soccer balls to basketballs, and even air mattresses, our foot air balloon pump is designed to cater to your diverse inflation requirements.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE FOR CONVENIENCE: Despite its power and versatility, our ball pump remains surprisingly compact and portable. It's designed for the modern cyclist on the move and outdoor enthusiasts who value space efficiency. It easily fits into your gear or backpack without taking up too much space, ensuring that you can stay prepared for any inflation needs without adding unnecessary bulk to your equipment.
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT INFLATION: For quick and convenient inflation for Optimal Tire Condition, foot pumps are renowned for their speed and convenience. With a strong and steady rhythm, you can inflate your bicycle tires in no time, ensuring they are always at their optimal condition for your rides. It's a must-have for any cyclist looking for a hassle-free and efficient way to keep their tires properly inflated. With our foot pump, inflating your tires becomes a quick and convenient process.
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Buyers Guide for Cycle

Determine your need

What is your motive behind purchasing a bicycle, commute to work, exploring rough roads, or engaging in some grueling road races? The hybrid bikes are best for people looking for a casual ride or commute to save a few bucks on oil prices. In case you are looking for adventure in the mountains, go for the mountain bike or prefer a road bike if enrolling in a racers group.

Frame size

Comfort should take the front seat when selecting a cycle. Choosing the right frame size will help you find your ride. Here is a small table to help you in the process.

Frame size (inches) Height
15 5.1 ft to 5.5ft
165.5 ft to 5.9ft
175.9 ft to 6.0 ft
186.0 ft to 6.3 ft
196.1 ft to 6.6 ft

This table may not be accurate since some companies differ in the frame size. However, you can still have an idea of the ideal size.

Gear or gearless

That’s another dilemma you may find yourself in. However, if you can decide on your cycle usage, it is easy to decide the type. Gear cycles are useful during long-distance commutes where the rider can shift between the gears and maintain consistency. If you are looking for a commute cycle to work or do chores, a gearless one will be enough.


During the ride on rough patches, you need shockers to absorb the shock and allow a smooth ride. These help to ensure a comfortable ride, but they also add to the weight of your cycle. Choose a suspension only if you are on rough roads. It may not be needed on the smooth roads.


An adjustable saddle with cushion can help you sit on the cycle for a long duration. In the same way, a mudguard ensures there are no dirt patches on your socks and shoes. Also, a skid-free paddle will ease the riding process. Look for such small comfort factors when purchasing a cycle as they may seem irrelevant now but are of great use in the long run.


The article features cycles under Rs. 8000 in India. Each of them has special features and is suitable for different terrains. You can purchase a cycle at a low cost of Rs. 4000 also.

FAQs for Choosing Cycle

Q1. Should I go for a test ride before purchasing a cycle?

A1. All the cycles bought online come with a 10 days replacement guarantee. You can test the bicycle and opt to keep it only if it suits you.

Q2. How can I choose a bicycle online?

A2. It is an easy process. All the specifications are provided, and you can easily decide which one to purchase. Also, the 10 days replacement helps you to keep the cycle only if entirely contended.

Q3. Can I ask the vendor to install some extra accessories on my bicycle?

A3. Before the purchase, you can ask as many questions and put forward your request in front of the vendor. If they allow accessory installation, they shall be more than happy to do so.

Q4. How do I deal with warranties?

A4. Most of the bicycles come with a 1-year warranty. In case there is an issue, you can contact the vendor who shall introduce you to the local dealer who will handle the problems henceforth.


Cycling not only cleanses the atmosphere but also helps you stay fit. Today there are many stylish bicycles, and you can even up your style game with purchase. Choose the most suitable one to lead a healthy life.


Ajay Kumar is a passionate cyclist and loves reviewing products related to cycling. He has been riding bikes since he was a kid and has never stopped since. He loves to share his knowledge and insights about cycling with others and hopes to help more people enjoy the sport.