Best Cycles Under 6000 in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

We are reviewing the best cycles under 6000 in India. A few days back, I saw a flock of cyclists on the road. Let’s agree to the fact that cycles are our first love. They take us to the carefree days we long for. So I decided to stop one of them for a chat.

After asking about their expedition, I reluctantly enquired about the price of the cycle. When I was living in a superficial world where cycles are a tad bit costly, they told me that their ride was of Rs. 6000 and some even below.

Best Cycles Under 6000

Surprised, I decided to check online and was amazed by the quality cycles under Rs. 6000 in India. I have decided to buy one and shall help you also to purchase one among these.

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike 

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For : 12+ Years Unisex...

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The Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike is a semi-assembled cycle that comes with an Allen and spanner kit. Its sturdy steel frame provides you the confidence to follow your dreams without any fear. Yet another plus is the V brake that is efficient for the trickiest of paths.

The tyre size of 26 inches and a frame size of 18 inches makes it an ideal buy for most young adults. Anybody measuring from 5.4 ft to 5.10 ft could effortlessly enjoy a ride. Another big plus is the single-speed gear for a hassle-free experience and your cycle’s long life.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Suits all young adults
  • Affordable and reliable mountain bike

  • Lock and horn are not available.

2. Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike 

Viva RYDE On 26T Men's Single Speed 19Inches Steel Frame, Mountain...

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The Viva Ride brings you yet another affordable mountain bike that helps explore heights like none other. This incredible cycle is fitted with V brakes for added safety, and the single-speed gear system makes it the most maintenance-free ride. Peddling this cycle becomes an effortless job with the 44T crankset. Steel hubs provide support to the alignment of wheels.

Its frame size is 19 inches, enabling any user between 5.4ft and 6.4ft to ride this cycle. The seat is cushioned, and the handles are straight, giving zero pain to your arms, wrist, or spine.

  • Robust steel frame
  • 44T crankset cotterless crankset for smooth pedaling
  • Strong steel hubs for configuration

  • Suspension is not provided

3. Hercules MTB Turbodrive 

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T Bicycle (New Version), wheel...

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Hercules markets the Turbodrive Rocky as a men’s/boys cycle. However, it is a famous unisex cycle due to its strength and comfort. It comes in semi-assembled state and has vibrant neon colours across the body. The single-speed gear cycle is a low maintenance one.

Suitable for anyone above 14 years, this cycle is a trusted partner for all kinds of trails. The 19-inch frame and 26-inch tyre size makes it ideal for all. Its strong caliper brakes provide support in the trickiest situation. The comfortable seat saves your back from trouble.

  • Y shaped frame
  • Turbo drive chain
  • Attractive alloy wheels

  • A technician is necessary for assembling.

4. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle 

Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike Ideal For 7 to 9 Years...

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Hero is one of the most popular brands that is hugely trusted by Indians. Its simple design promises durability and safety to the users. The anti-skid tyres help to navigate safely on slippery roads during the heaviest monsoons. Steel is a robust material is used for the frame of this cycle.

The Hero cycle is suitable for all adults, especially men. It can be used for a daily commute or also to venture long distances. Around 70% of the cycle is assembled during delivery. However, the user will have to find a technician to bring together the rest of the parts.

  • Tyres with a unique grip
  • Simple and robust design
  • Suitable for all trails

  • Carrier is not available.

5. Hero MIG RS Speed Bike 

Hero Mig RS Single Speed Bike for Adults, 26 Inches (Blue)

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The sporty frame is the most intriguing factor in the Hero MIG RS cycle. It comes in an attractive electric blue colour with hints of green and black. Most teenagers and adults can ride it as the frame size of 18 inches allows anyone of height 5.1 ft to 5.7ft to conveniently cycle.

This single-speed cycle is maintenance-free and long-lasting too. The anti-skid tyres and pedals play an essential role in making it one of the safest road cycles. In addition to all of this are the strong caliper brakes and rigid suspension.

  • Anti-skid tyres
  • Attractive colours
  • Single-speed gear

  • The saddle is hard and uncomfortable.

6. Hero 27T 

Hero Sprint Gleam 27T Single Speed Cycle (Orange)

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Hero brings yet another city bike with the promise of durability and safety. The attractive black and silver colour are non-conventional and appealing. This cycle may be delivered in a semi-assembled kit along with a kit for assistance.

It is a gearless cycle that helps to navigate the busy city roads with ease. The frame size of 23 inches and wheels of 27 inches caters to users between 5.5 ft to 5.11 ft. Caliper brakes are available for the much-needed safety quotient, and the sturdy steel frame provides a robust and maintenance-free material that lasts for ages.

  • Suitable for all adults
  • Strong caliper brakes
  • Easy to assemble

  • Not suitable for heavy weighted people

7. Hero Ranger DTB Cycle 

Hero Unisex Ranger 18 Speed DTB Vx 26T Mountain Bike, Black and Green,...

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Here is a cycle that helps you with less strain during peddling. It is the 42T crankset helping in smooth chain transition and hence less force. It is attractive and arrives in a vibrant combination of black and green so you can venture the streets with an efficient and appealing ride.

The frame size is 16.5 inches making it suitable for all 5.8 ft to 6.2 ft in height. Its caliper brakes are highly efficient, providing the promise of safety. This cycle’s single-speed gear system is another factor making it long-lasting and devoid of any damages. Though the cycle arrives in a semi-assembled state, the Allen key and spanner kit makes assembling an easy task.

  • 42T crankset for easy transition
  • Strong caliper brakes
  • Affordable mountain bike

  • Needs assistance from the technician for proper arraignment

8. BSA Photon Bicycle 

BSA cycles Unisex-Adult Steel Photon Ex 18 Frame Size Bicycle Road...

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The BSA Photon cycle is one of the most durable rides you will ever own. Its lightweight frame makes riding an easy experience. Its conventional frame has been enhanced with adequate colour combinations to make it desirable for all generations.

The frame size of 18 inches and a wheel size of 26 inches makes it suitable for all adults. It is designed for riding on the road. There are also caliper brakes to safeguard the user in all terrains. And single speed gears make the riding experience even simpler.

  • Lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Suitable for city rides
  • Arrives as fully assembled

  • Lacks in style

9. Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS 

Hero Sprint Men's Frame Santiago 26T SS Hybrid Bike (White, 18 Inches,...

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Hero Sprint is a unisex cycle that is stylish and sturdy. The white coloured frame is unique and robust. It has V brakes that are highly dependable on roads and great for sudden braking mechanisms. This also enables the cycle to be lightweight and low maintenance. The fact that a single speed gear system is used for the cycle makes it durable too.

Its tyre size is 26 inches, and the frame is 18 inches making it a comfortable commute for people from 5 ft to 5.8ft. Though the cycle arrives in a semi-assembled condition, it equips an efficient kit for the task.

  • Trustable V brakes
  • Efficient on road
  • Low maintenance

  • Not suitable for short people

10. Atlas Ultimate City bike 

Atlas Unisex Steel Ultimate City Mountain Bike for Cycling (Frame:18...

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The simple design of Atlas Ultimate city bike must not be underestimated. It is robust and has a supreme mechanism to help its users. It has a sturdy steel frame that is rustproof and durable.

The wheel size of 26 inches makes it a superb selection for all adults. It is a single-speed gear cycle, low weight, and low maintenance too. Enriched with the safety of caliper brakes, this bike suits your daily needs.

  • Trusted from the Atlas brand
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Rustproof high-quality steel frame

  •  Assembling at home is a bit tricky.

Aren’t there so many choices for cycles under Rs. 6000?

Here we bring a buying guide too to ease your selection process

Buying guide for cycles under Rs.6000

Determine your purpose

You may be interested in the heights or choose to cycle through the city roads. Sometimes you may want to do both of these. Before selecting a cycle, reevaluate the reason for your love for the vehicle.

Hybrid bike

Grab one of these if looking for a daily commute and a light exercise cycle. Reach your school, college, and workspace on the hybrid bike and contribute to the atmosphere’s betterment.

Road bike

If you are looking forward to long-distance rides and to increase your endurance level, the road bike is made for you. Race with your friends and cycle for longer durations to increase energy levels and stay fit.

Mountain bike

In case you are a mountain person who loves to explore heights, add mountain bikes to your wishlist. They are strong enough to endure off-road bumpiness and provide you with an adventurous experience.

Frame and Wheel size

A cycle must fit you right. If the frame is too large, it might be to cycle, and if small, your legs may feel strangulated. Most brands provide a detailed analysis of who will be able to use the cycle efficiently. However, there can still be confusion. Here is a chart to simplify your doubts.

Frame Size (inches) Rider height (in feet)
13 to 14 4.10 to 5.2
15 to 16 5.2 to 5.6
17 to 18 5.6 to 5.10
19 to 20 5.10 to 6.1
21 to 22 6.1 to 6.4
23 to 24 6.4 to 6.6

There may be variations in the required frame size. Before selecting any cycle, ensure that you take a test ride.

Choose between gear or gearless.

The gear cycle becomes a necessity when there are too many bridges and steep roads. However, they increase the cycle weight and also add to the maintenance levels.

In case there are only smooth trails that can be peddled effortlessly, go for a gearless one. The single-speed cycle needs minimum maintenance and is also lightweight when compared to the gear cycle.


Like gear cycles, a suspension is also needed when there are incredibly bumpy roads that could harm your bike and shock you while riding. Get a front suspension cycle, and if you think the pothole condition is extreme, opt for suspension at both ends.

Rigid suspension or no suspension cycles are suitable for commuting on smooth roads. These are light and durable.


Modern cycles have calliper, V, or disc brakes. The former are categorized as rim brakes and have almost the same characteristics. Rim brakes are lighter, easier to maintain, and are affordable too. However, they may not have an aesthetic appeal the same as the disc brakes.

The latter ones are robust and suit high-risk cycling endeavours. They have immaculate stopping powers, even on wet and slippery roads. The cons include high costs, high maintenance, and a heavier cycle.

Other accessories

One must also look for a comfortable saddle, bottle cage, robust lock, and many such accessories that render a comfortable cycling experience.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Q1. Which type of brake should I opt for?

A1. That entirely depends on our riding. If looking forward to wet, slippery, and rugged terrain, opt for disc brakes. In case the ride is an easy one with no need for sudden braking, opt for V or caliper brakes.

Q2. Which cycle will help me with a high-intensity workout?

A2. Mountain bikes and road bikes are equally remarkable for a high-intensity workout session. Where road bikes help in building endurance, mountain bikes strengthen the body.

Q3. Which cycle is suitable for beginners?

A3. Hybrid bikes are apt for beginners.

Q4. Do cycles have warranties?

A4. Most cycles come with a replacement warranty for a specific period. It may be 10 years for some while a lifetime for others.


Nowadays, bicycles are not looked down upon. People are embracing these to lead a healthy life and stay away from the enormous medical bills. Many people at high paying jobs prefer commuting to work, so why not ditch those motor vehicles and opt for this humble commute. Our article brings to you cheaper options, which are no less in quality but superb on the road and long-lasting.

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