10 Best Cycles Under 30000 in India

I am reviewing Best Cycles Under 30000. Some paddling efforts and you are riding right towards your fitness journey and road trails both. Cycles are not just a mere means of transport, but they also fulfill various other purposes like fitness, athletics, sports, and not to forget fun.

Cycling might need higher efforts than different transportation modes, but they are cheaper, lighter, easy to store, environmentally friendly, and fitness-friendly. If looking for a premium cycle that offers fitness and luxury, here we have an article for you. If you are fitness geek or professional athletic, these cycles may suit best for you.

Best Cycles Under 30000 In India

1. Kross Maximus Pro 26T cycle 

Kross Maximus Pro 26T Black Disc Brake & Bottle Holder Cycle, Men...

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The Kross Maximum Pro 26T cycle is made up of an ergonomically structured alloy frame, making it lighter than various other models in the range. Its hybrid feature makes it suitable for both on and off-road cycling experience. The 26 inches wheel size and alloy rim give it the right height and extended durability.

This hybrid cycle from Kross has disk brakes, which adds an advantage to its braking functionality. They are durable as well as ensures a jerk-free braking experience even on hilly trails. The seat is adjustable and comfortable enough for your city rides.


  • Light-weighted yet sturdy build-up.
  • Disk brakes give better functionality.
  • Good quality 26 inches wheels


  • Not suitable for professional cyclists

2. Hercules Roadeo Rampage 26T 

Hercules Computer Technology Unisex Roadeo Rampage 26T 21 Speed...

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The Hercules Roadeo Rampage comes with a lightweight aluminum frame build-up, rigid fork, and 26 inches wheels that provide stability to the entire cycle, ensuring reliability and durability. It gets a considerable height with 26 inches wheel X 17 inches frame, making it suitable for riders up to 5.5 feet.

This cycle from Hercules has got 21-speed gears that enhance your smooth riding experience throughout. You can effortlessly trail through all terrains with a powerful gearing mechanism. It’s front, and rear v-brakes (linear-pull) makes controlling and breaking a more effortless and jerk-free effort.


  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Powerful performance
  • Adjustable and smooth saddle


  • Very heavy

3. Hero Sprint Pro Ceralo 24T 

Hero Sprint Pro Ceralo 24T 21-Speed Bicycle (Yellow)

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The Hero Sprint Pro Ceralo has a strong hardtail alloy frame built-up designed for a comfortable riding posture. It suits both city rides and mountain biking. It is equipped with high-quality mechanical disc brakes that stop the cycle smoothly on any trail while minimizing the jerk.

This urban MTB features 24 inches x 2.1 inches MTB tires supported by double-walled alloy rims that provide enough strength—moreover, it’s Pu saddle has got enough cushioning to give the rider a comfortable ride throughout.


  • High quality massive treaded tires
  • The suitable build-up for comfortable rides
  • Smooth, jerk-free breaks


  • Suitable for height up to 5’3 inches only

4. Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700

Omobikes Hampi 700 700C Single Speed Hybrid Cycle 18' Frame for Men...

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The Omobikes Hampi 700 is the lightest cycle in the range and weighs only 12.9 kgs, making it suitable for everyone. It is built with a lightweight, high tensile steel frame that gives a robust finish. With its easily adjustable seat, riders of height between 5’5″ to 6’3″ feet can conveniently ride it.

Omobikes 700 has road bike tires that ensure fast and comfortable commute on smooth roads. Its dual disk brakes offer greater braking power and ensure stability. Meanwhile, it also has a PU saddle that provides comfort during bumpy road rides.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Suitable for riders of height up to 6’3 feet
  • High-quality road bike tires


  • Its paint might chip off soon due to low quality.

5. Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris 200 

Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris 200 27.5' Wheel,Frame- 17',Single...

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Cyclo India is a reliable brand of TATA. This mountain bicycle with TIG Welded 15″ Steel Frame and Water Decals build up. It has two 26 inches nylon tires that ensure high performance on both smooth and bumpy trails. With disk brakes incorporated, safety and braking power are not even a bit compromised in this model.

This bicycle from cyclo has got oversized handlebars with a soft palm rest grip, ensuring comfort and less pressure on your wrist. Moreover, its PU padded saddle features a quick-release mechanism.


  • High-quality tires
  • A safe and powerful braking mechanism
  • Comfortable handlebars


  • The saddle is not very soft.

6. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

Hercules Roadeo A75 26T Mountain Bike , 17 Inches Aluminum Frame for...

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The Hercules Roadeo A75 26T is amongst the best gear cycles available in India. It is built up with a high-quality aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight and durable. With its double disk brakes, it is convenient to stop the cycle despite its trail. Moreover, modern design Shimano easy fire-500 gear Shifters adds to its durability.

With its 17 inches frame size and 26 inches wheel size, this Hercules model has the right height and is suitable for a rider of 5 feet and above. Furthermore, it features a 170-crank arm and a front fork suspension that improves its overall performance.



  • Tricky to assemble

7. TRIAD M7 29T 21 Speed

TRIAD Unisex M7 29T 21 Speed - Fully Fitted 18' Mountain Bicycle (15+...

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The TRIAD M7 29T 21 Speed is an aluminium alloy full suspension build-up and is the lightest MTB in the roadeo range. Its all-mountain frame is designed with an oversized head tube. With 26″ inches wheel and double-wall alloy rims, it has enough height, strength, and durability. Its quick-release saddle provides the utmost comfort during longer rides.

The A75 from the Roadeo series comes with dual disk (front) and v breakers (rear) that ensure stable braking on both wheels. Meanwhile, its alloy paddles keep your legs from skidding and thus ensures your safety during the ride.


  • Provides comfortable performance with shock absorbers
  • Smooth gear shifters
  • Powerful brakes


  • No such cons reported

8. Firefox Grunge-D 27.5T Cycle

Firefox Bikes Grunge-D , 27.5T MTB Mountain cycle I Frame size: 17...

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The Firefox Grunge-D 27.5T is an MTB cycle built with an MTB specific Steel frame, which gives it a strong, stable, and durable finish. With 17 Frame X 27.5 Wheel size, it has a considerable height that makes it suitable for riders up to 5′ 10 feet and around 100 kgs. Since it is a mountain cycle, its frame is heavy and weighs approximately 18 kgs.

Firefox 27. 5T is equipped with mechanical disc brakes that are powerful, easy to use, and best suited for MTBs. The double-wall rim provides it extra strength, whereas, with its adjustable seat feature, riders can easily pull the seat up or down as per their comfort.


  • Excellent performance
  • A stable and robust build-up
  • Good quality thick tires


  • Mechanical disk brakes are not that powerful.

9. Avon Bicycles GEN 26T Bicycle 

Avon Bicycles GENNOW 26 Inches Wheel Size, 17.5 inches Steel Frame...

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The Avon 26T cycle is built up with high-quality steel material Mig Welded frame and suspension fork. With 17.5 inches Frame X 26 inches wheels, it has the right height for rides of size up to 5’4 feet. It is integrated with double-wall alloy rims that add strength and stability to the cycle.

This single-speed bicycle comes with front, and rear disk brakes ensure powerful braking performance yet secure at the same time. It is equipped with a mudguard and bottle holder as well.


  • Suitable for both on and off-road cycling
  • The powerful and secure braking system
  • High in performance and build up quality.


  • No such cons reported

10.Hero Sprint Pro Big Daddy 24T 7-Speed Bicycle

Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed 24 inches Wheel 17 inches Frame Mountain...

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The Hero Sprint Pro big daddy is an extremely powerful bicycle built with a steel frame, coil spring suspension, and alloy-hardtail front fork. It is equipped with mechanical disk brakes. Its 26 inches friction-free wheels make your ride smoother and comfortable despite the trail you are ridding at.

This Hero bicycle comes with a Cruiser PU saddle that provides the utmost flexibility and comfort to the rider with quick release mechanism adjustable height. The cycle is suitable for riders up to 5.5″ feet and 120 kgs.


  • Compelling build up and performance
  • Quick-release adjustable saddle
  • High-quality wheels


  • Mechanical disk brakes for this price ranged cycle are cheap

Buying Guide for Cycle Under 30000

While buying a bicycle, everything seems perfect and accessible initially. Still, after riding it for a while, people start finding faults and lack some or the other specifications and features. To prevent this, read this cycle buying guide before you buy one.


The most vital aspect to think about before buying a cycle is understanding how you will use the bike. Once you are clear in mind, you can choose the type of bicycle that would suit you the best regarding the purpose.

  • For off-road riders, specifically mountain trails- Mountain bikes or MTBs.
  • For daily commuting on both hilly or city trails, exercise or fitness purpose, and casual ride- Hybrid cycles.
  • For speedy rides, long-distance rides, athlete purposes- Road cycles.

Frame size and build-up material

The frame material and size make a significant impact on its performance and riders’ comfort. You can choose from three types of the frame depending upon their versatility, functionality, and power.

Frame Material

  • Steel frames– Affordable, durable, sturdy, but heavy and prone to rust and corrosion.
  • Aluminum frames- These are lighter, rust-proof, sturdy, and durable, but a little expensive than the steel frames. These are the most commonly available as well.
  • Carbon frames– The carbon frames are incredibly light yet rust and corrosion-proof. These are highly durable but expensive than all the other frame material in the competition. These are mainly used in costly cycles.

Frame size

Choosing the right frame size is crucial as it directly affects a rider of different size (height).  

HEIGHT (in Feet)FRAME SIZE (in Inches)
4.10 to 5.2 feet14.5 to 16 inches
5.2 to 5.5 feet16 to 18 inches
5.5 to 5.10 feet17 to 18 inches
5.10 to 6.4 feet and above18 to 21 inches and above

Right Breaks based on power and safety

  • Caliper Brake– Sleek, strong, powerful and dependable. Commonly road cycles are laced with caliper brakes.
  • Cantilever Brakes– These are designed for light-off road and cyclo-cross cycling primarily. They are powerful but still lack behind the caliper brakes on that front. A little less aerodynamic as well.
  • Disc Brakes– Powerful and very convenient in use (requires less hand power). These are best for off-road trail and can handle high heat without damaging the tires. Disc brakes are immune to water, mud, and dust but are slightly heavier.
  • V-Brakes– Compelling then all the other break types. They conveniently stop or slow down on uneven, muddy, or wet paths; hence, they are best for off-road cycling. V-brakes are the most common ones used in cycles in India.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Which are the best cycle brands in India?

A1. Avon cycles- Best for the most affordable range.

Btwin cycles- Best for affordable sports cycles.

Firefox cycles- Best in performance and quality.

Hercules cycles- easy serviced.

Hero cycles- Best in performance, quality, and durability.

Q2.Which cycles are more suitable for longer off-road rides?

A2. Mountain bikes are best for off-road rides (longer) any day. With thick tires and higher suspension, they support comfortable rides on uneven, hilly trails.

Q3.Which is the cycle for fitness and workout purposes?

A3. Hybrid cycles and road cycles are a more suitable pick for the ones who are planning to buy a bicycle for fitness and workout purposes.

Q4.Is there any weight limit to ride regular bicycles?

A4. No, unless the rider is comfortable riding a bicycle, there are various models available in the market that are suitable for riders up to 300 to 350 lbs.

Q5. Which type of bicycles is best for older adults?

A.5Light-weighted road cycles are best suited for older adults. Hybrid bicycles that are lightly weighted can be an ideal pick as well.

Q6. Which type of gears is best for off-road riding – Geared or Non-geared?

A6. Geared cycles are best for off-road trails as they allow the riders to shift gears as per the track or path they are riding upon. Whereas with non-geared cycles, it gets highly tricky while riding off-road.


So, these were the top 10 cycles under 30,000 in India. Kross Maximus Pro 26T and Hero Sprint Pro Ceralo 24T 21-Speed Bicycle are our top recommendation amongst all. Both models are priced well, are considerable on performance and build-up front, and are ideal for everyday usages.

However, the other models mentioned in the list are some of the best performers, and only if you choose them as per your requirement and suitability.

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