Best Cycles Under 15000 In India 2022 – Affordable for all

Looking for a cycle under 15000? Cycling is a task of fun and fitness. It is one of the oldest and yet most flexible means of transport as well. Time and invention might have placed cycles a little far in our preference list. However, today many factors again have made bicycles one of the preferred choices for transport, fun, or even fitness in urban and rural areas.

Picking a cycle that suits your needs and justifies the cost might get tricky when you have a plethora of options. Here is our list of “Best Cycles under 15000” to ease down your purchase. 

Best Cycles Under 15000

1. TATA Stryder MTB Speed Bicycle

Stryder Unisex-Adult I-Ride Model MTB Speed Road Bike (26 Inch, 19...

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The TATA Stryder is a 26 “x1.90” nylon tyres heavy mountain bicycle. It is built with a high-quality TIG-welded 19-inch steel frame that keeps the rider sturdy and robust during the ride. Its oversized handles with half alloy brake lever provide a soft yet firm grip.

Due to its massive build-up, this TATA bicycle is suitable for riders of age 15 and above. Its plastic body paddles provide a non-skid grip to the riders. Moreover, its PU padded saddle gives the utmost comfort and quick release.


  • Robust, sturdy & non-wobbly structure
  • Highly comfortable saddle
  • Oversized easy-grip handles


  • Could be heavy for kids

2. Geekay Hashtag 26 t Single Speed Mountain Bicycle

Geekay Hashtag 26T Single Speed Steel Frame 18 inches Dual disc Brake...

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This MTB is the latest release from Geekay cycles. Its aerodynamically designed steel frame reduces air friction, promoting smooth rides. Its 26 X 2.15 wide ralson tyres stay rigid despite the path they cover. Whereas the double allows lightweight rims provides ultimate road performance.

This bicycle from Geekay features highly safe Dual Disc Brakes. The high-quality brakes ensure quick and stable braking on both front and back wheels. Its soft and immediate release saddle provides a comfortable experience. Meanwhile, this cycle can easily pull up to 100 kg rider without compromising with the performance.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy and strong
  • Rigid high-quality tyres
  • Quick-release saddle with easily adjustable height


  • Low-quality paint

3. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes Model 1.0 26 Inch 26T Single Speed Hybrid Cycle 18' Frame for...

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Omobikes 1.0 is a hybrid cycle that is designed to provide you with the most accurate riding position. It is built with a lightweight, high tension steel frame that provides excellent strength while keeping rust at bay. Its PU saddle can be easily adjusted to the height of 6 feet.

This cycle from Omobikes has strong treaded tyres with double-wall alloy rims and is designed for speedy rides on city roads. Its quill type handles provide the most comfortable grip accomplished. The alloy leaver powerful breaks ensure stable and safe braking. Moreover, its strong paddles and BB axle makes it one of the choicest cycles in India.


  • It provides an accurate riding position.
  • Rust-free and non-wobbly frame
  • Best for speedy rides


  • Not suitable for rough mountain paths

 4. Geekay Hashtag Single Speed Mountain Bicycle

Geekay Hashtag 29T Single Speed Steel Frame 17 inches Dual disc Brake...

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This 29″ inches wheel mountain bicycle is the best pick for people with 5.5 feet or above. Its heavy-duty tyres have been designed for riding any trail. The aerodynamically designed framework reduces friction, thus promoting a smooth and steady experience.

This sleek and trendy cycle features dual disk brakes to make sure stable and quick deceleration. You can adjust the height of its immediate release padded saddle conveniently. For keeping your hold firm and comfortable, its soft-grip handle provides access for full fingers. Moreover, this brilliant pick can pull up to 150 kg rider.


  • Suitable for 5.5 feet and above riders also
  • Aerodynamically designed framework
  • Lightweight yet strong and sturdy


  • Assembling the cycle could be tricky

5. Hero Sprint Thorn 26 inches bicycle

Hero Sprint Thorn All-Mountain 26 Inches Single Speed Front Steel...

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The Hero Sprint Thorn comes with double-walled 26-inch alloy rims for more extended durability. The wide anti-skid tyres ensure stable and safe rides despite whichever trail you choose. Its comfortable handle grips provide you with better control without straining your hands.

This unisex Hero bicycle is designed in a sporty bike look. With the 18-inch Mild steel frame, one gets the utmost stability and better control overall. A chain cover is also available that adds to the entire look.


  • Anti-skid tyres.
  • Comfortable handle grip and flexible control
  • Non-flimsy superior quality builds up.


  • Slightly heavy to handle

6. CRADIAC Hybrid Alloy Bicycle

CRADIAC Hybrid Alloy Bicycle, Shimano Gears, 700 * 35C, DISC Brake,...

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The CRADIAC comes in a frame size of 17 inches and a wheel size of 27.5 inches. Its frame is made up of an aluminum alloy, making it comparatively lighter than various steel build cycles. Despite being a city road cycle, it has got entry-level MTB shockers. Its high-quality plastic paddles provide you stronger hold even at high speed.

This cycle comes with both Disc Brake and Rear V-Brakes, providing the utmost functionality. It is an ideal pick for riders up to 6.4 feet as well. Moreover, the neon blue color makes it stand out in appearance.


  • Made up of an aluminum alloy, making it lighter
  • Suitable for high-speed cycling
  • Ideal for riders of height up to 6.4 feet


  • The quality of rim (tyre) is not good

7. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For : 12+ Years Unisex...

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The Hero Kyoto 26T comes with an 18-inch solid steel frame and 26 inches wheels. It is ideal for boys and girls aged 11 and above. It features anti-skid paddles that provide a firm grip to your feet while riding. Equipped with a height-adjustable comfy seat, you can customize it as per your preference and comfort.

This hero mountain bike has Dual ‘V’ brakes that give the rider reliable and safe controls on any path. With a firm grip on steering, high-quality nylon tyres, and a balanced structure, this cycle from Hero is an excellent pick at a reasonable price.


  • Strong gripped paddles and steering
  • Reliable and safe dual ‘V’ brakes
  • Solid, non-wobbly structure


  • Handles could have been more flexible. 

8. Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Hero Unisex Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For 9 to 11...

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The Hero Next 24T is an ideal pick for growing kids. It comes with a 42T Crankset and a Cottered BB set that ensures effortless paddling. The PU saddle is so convenient to adjust that even a child can pull it up and down. Its MTB paddles keep your feet from slipping.

Front and rear V Brakes keeps navigation safe even through a crowded street. It features a 610 mm handlebar that is 41 mm high hence easier for kids to control.


  • Child-friendly usefulness
  • Powerful breaks that ensure safety
  • Lightweight


  • Low-quality mudguard

9. Kross Maximus Pro26 cycle

Kross Maximus Pro 26 Inches 21 Speed Bike for Adults Orange

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The Kross Maximus Pro26 comes with V-brakes that makes it suitable to ride in mountains and uneven pathways. Its 21-gear system promotes effortless riding while giving you access for high speed. You can adjust the seat easily as per your comfort.

The 26-inch alloy rims provide more extended durability. It features non-skid plastic paddles that keep your feet firm despite the speed you are cycling at. Lastly, the fabulous look adds to the USP.


  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Powerful V-breaks
  • Fabulous appearance


  • The seat is not very comfortable

10. Hercules Sparta ZX 26T Bicycle

Hercules Dynamite ZX Dual Suspension Road Bike , 26T , 19 Inches Steel...

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This sleek Hercules Bicycle is ideal for riders of age 11 and above. It comes with front and rear V-breaks that provide maximum stopping power. The PU foam saddle comes with cushioning that makes your rides comfortable.

The 20-inch steel frame gives high support to the entire cycle making it strong and non-flimsy. Moreover, it comes with a chain cover, mudguard, and dual reflectors making it an exclusive deal.


  • Powerful breaks
  • Sturdy and non-flimsy frame
  • Fabulous appearance


  • Slightly heavy to handle for kids

Best Cycle Under 15000 – Buying Guide

Though the build-up of a cycle is not very complicated, there are still certain things and aspects you should learn about before buying one. Such as:

Frame size

Choosing the best working cycle can also be an absolute waste if it is not suitable for the rider’s weight and height. Your height and weights influence the way you cycle and its effects on your body physically. A considerably smaller cycle will make it difficult to ride for you and affect your posture and cause physical discomfort while riding.

Gear vs. Gearless

Cycles come in two forms: Gear or Gearless. The Geared cycles provide multiple speed ratio to the riders. Depending upon the pathway, they can shift one gear combination to others and adjust their speed. Whereas, the gearless cycles come with a single gear ratio. Here the speed solely depends upon how fast or slow the rider moves the paddles.

Type of Cycles

Three types of the cycle are available in the Indian market, MTB, Hybrid, and Road cycles.

  • MTB or mountain bikes are rigid framed and thick tyred cycles designed to tackle harsh road conditions.
  • Road cycles are the sleek ones compared to MTB and are designed for riding in city roads. Being lightly weighted and with lesser air resistance, they are best for high-speed cycling.
  • Hybrid is a balance of MTB and Road cycles. They are designed to use on smooth roads and can also perform great on rough trails


The deep pits on the road are unforgiving. You do not want to topple while on them. The hydraulic shocks need a dual-suspension to protect you from the bits and fall on and off-road. Opt for cycles that offer front and rear suspension that absorbs shock to provide a smooth ride.


You might see caliper, V, and disc brakes cycle. Caliper is suitable for the road cycles that mostly do not need an abrupt brake system. V is a bit more powerful than the caliper brakes, but it can be tricky on extremely muddy and slippery surfaces. It is the disc brake that is most suitable for the rough roads where you need ultimate protection.

Additional features

Height adjustable & comfortable seats, soft yet firm hand grip, anti-skid tyres, quick & stable breaks are some other features to look for. Also, make sure the framework is aerodynamically designed and non-wobbly so that you get a firm hold while riding.

We often have many queries in our mind before buying a cycle, especially with so many options. 

Here we have a few FAQs answered.

Q1. How do I know which cycle to buy?

A1. It is truly challenging with the different kinds of cycles available in the market. If you are a novice and plan to buy a cycle for going to work or for daily chores, try a gearless one or a hybrid cycle. Else, try the more powerful versions such as mountain bike or a road cycle.

Q2. Does handle shape have to anything with the cycles competency?

A2. The handle shape is about control on the road. Some are inverted and need the user to bent forward for cycling while facing the user. When you are seated comfortably, you have a better hold on the road.

Q3. Do I need to purchase a gender-specific cycle?

A3. Women’s cycles are lighter. They have a short handlebar and a customized saddle too. You don’t have to be gender-specific but the determinant of your height and comfort level to select a cycle.

Q4. Do I get a warranty on my cycle?

A4. You will get a guarantee on the frame, depending on the manufacturer. Most of them provide a 2 year, but it varies from brand to brand.


Hopefully, you might have found a suitable and worthy cycle after reading this article. Though we have incorporated the ten best cycles under 15000, the Geekay Hashtag Single Speed Mountain Bicycle is our preferred choice. It comprises the best-designed framework and all other requirements with almost negligible defects.

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