Top 10 Best Cycles to Buy in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Taking up a cycle ride in this Greta Thunberg generation is the best thing one can opt for. Apart from the environmental benefits, a cycle is indeed a good bet for one’s fitness and bank balance. Considering these amazing benefits, the millennials including Gen Z are pedaling towards buying a bicycle more than a motorbike.

Do you belong to this category? Great! Time to pat yourself.

However, choosing a brand among the gamut of choices is daunting. This can be a serious concern if you are a first-time buyer.

Fret not! We understand your concern and hence doing the hard work for you. In today’s blog we will discuss the top 10 cycles in India that consumers are absolutely in love with. Keep reading:

1. Hero Sprint Pro Big Daddy 24T 7

Hero Sprint Pro Big Daddy 24T 7-Speed Bicycle (Black/Yellow)

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As the name suggests, from the house of Hero, this little vehicle is no less than a beast. Hero Sprint Pro Big Daddy 24t 7 comes with avant-garde features with superior quality of steel. It also boasts a coil spring suspension front fork bike featuring 16 inch steel frame. This cycle is perfect for the ones with a height ranging between  4 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 5 inches.

As a brand Hero carries a legacy and has constantly reinvented themselves. So, if you prefer speed and rigidity, you know what to buy.


  • Comfortable and features disc brakes for a stable and powerful braking system.
  • Aluminum alloy body for a strong yet lightweight system
  • Comes with 85% assembled state


  • People with a height more than 5 ft 5 inch can’t bet on this.

2. Montra Unplugged 700C Sporty Road Bike/Bicycle

Montra Unplugged 700X25C 16 Speed Super Premium Cycle(Dark Blue)

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The Montra presents bicycles that are created on par with international performance biking standards. Montra Unplugged 700C is an elegantly crafted sporty bicycle perfect for all-terrain travel. This cycle is made up of long lasting material exhibiting exemplary durability. For those who consider travelling as a therapy, and look forward to cycle for staying healthy, look nowhere. Moreover, this model is quite lightweight as compared to other cycles of similar category. It is available in a staggering combination of black and blue.


  • Speed level 16 & sustains low pressure
  • Ideal height ranges between 4 ft 8 inch to 5.6 ft


  • There is no carrier on the back

3. Unisex App grow- Bike Fat 21 Speed 26X4 inch Tyre Size (Orange)

Unisex App grow- Bike Fat 21 Speed 26X4 inch Tyre Size (Orange)

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Unisex App grow with its killer looks is already garnering a lot of attention. This offers a sturdy and lightweight steel frame for extra stability. Moreover, the model features a front suspension fork for a smooth ride. Suitable for both men and women, this cycle renders a sense of sophistication owing to its bespoke design and frame material.


  • It has mechanical disk brakes of superior quality
  • Compatible upto 6 ft 4 inches


  • It’s a fat bike and not much recommended for children below 14


In order to provide a better experience of cycling, Ampa has made revolutionary changes in the field of bicycles. Ampa Cycle for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes is an outstanding example of it. From paths to parkways and everything that comes across, this 26 inch freestyle cycle is a great choice for cool and capable on-road or off-road. It comes with a Triple Wall Alloy Rims for a sturdy system.


  • Universal Cycle for Adults
  • Front Shocker (with lifetime warranty unless accidental)


  • Needs professionals to assemble
  • Doesn’t suit tubeless tyre

5. Firefox Bikes Tank 26T Mountain Bike

Firefox Bikes Tank 26, 21 Speed Mountain Bike (Matt Red/Black)

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Known for the huge range of high-end cycles, Firefox offers combined features of city and off road bikes. One such model is Firefox Bikes Tank 26T Mountain Bike. This is an off-road bike and has a tire size of 26 inches with a frame size of 18 inches.The cycle features a sturdy steel body frame ensuring nothing but longevity. Not to mention, the ergonomic design harbours maximum airflow to curb down friction and avail a smooth ride.


  • The front and rear steel V brakes offer the rider stability
  • Comes with anti-skid tyre
  • The wheels with steel hubs have watertight seals including a quick-release system


  • No cons as such

6. Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Cycle

Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Premium Cycle(Matte Black)

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Value for money, this is another bestseller from the house of Montra that is perfect for riding around the town. Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Cycle comes with a wheel size of 27.5 cm and frame size of 19 cm. Moreover, the frame is composed of an alloy, comes with a PU saddle, and an adjustable seat for maximum convenience of the rider.


  • Offers smooth controls and a lightweight system, weigh around 15 kg
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Good gear shifting


  • There are no tubeless tyres

7. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T

Hercules Roadeo A75 26T Mountain Bike , 17 Inches Aluminum Frame for...

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One of the oldest brands, almost every Indian is familiar with Hercules. This gem named A76 26T is a cycle that effortlessly manages to feature all the true properties of Hercules. The cycle is perfectly suited to modern sensibilities. It has an alloy frame with a green sleek body. It is high on performance and low on maintenance charges.


  • It has a dual colour TPR grip and a 7sp chain with 112 links
  • 5 coat neon paint finish
  • Both front and back hubs are friction-free steel ED Black


  • May seem to be a li’l heavy weight

8. Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

Hero Unisex Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For 9 to 11...

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Hero Next 24T is one of the hot selling cakes from the house of Hero. Apart from being fast and stylish, the cycle comes with a  wheel size of 24 inches and frame size of 17 inches. Perfect for the ones who believe in having adrenaline rush. It has caliper brakes installed at the front and rear ends while the gear is of the 18 speed variety as the name suggests.


  • Includes accessories like carrier, chain cover, mudguard, training wheels and rear reflectors.
  • Allen Key & Spanner is available


  • Ideal for 9 to 11 years old
  • Need professional to assemble

9. LightSpeed Fury 21 Speed

Lightspeed Fury 21 Speed Bicycle

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LightSpeed Fury 21 Speed is a fat tyre bicycle with a 195mm super wide seat featuring soft, aerated gel pads for enhanced comfort. This is a good buy for those who love indulging in workouts for a longer period. Furthermore, it has a highly compressive 100mm front suspension travel to make uphill, downhill, and bumpy rides smoother and uncomplicated.


  • Has an inbuilt shock absorption mechanism


  • Not much recommended for the beginners

10. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes Model 1.0 26 Inch 26T Single Speed Hybrid Cycle 18' Frame for...

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The other name to class and sass, Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle makes sure the rider doesn’t have to put any extra effort except pedalling. With a unique design, this model defines style and comfort to another level. It’s one of the lightest bicycles (only 12.9kg) suitable for age group 12 to 35. It comes with a Cantilever brake.


  • Quick Adjustable Seat makes easy to ride for heights between 5 ft 2 inch to 6 feet
  • High Tensile Light Weight Steel


  • Need professionals to assemble.

There you have the list. However, before deciding on a cycle, you need to consider certain aspects to make the most out of your investment.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bicycle

1. Keep a budget in mind

First things first- fix a budget before deciding a model. Once you have a lower and upper limit, it becomes easier to settle for a few models. Otherwise, the entire process of buying may go haywire and confusing.

2. Understand the purpose

You have to have a purpose behind buying a cycle. Be it for daily commuting or adventure biking, depending on your objective, the final brand and model will be decided. Moreover, certain other factors like the frequency of riding the cycle (daily/ weekly/ monthly) also comes into the scene.

3. Determine the right brake system

The soul of every bicycle is its frame and the heart lies in the brake system. Therefore, pay heed to the type of brake a cycle is coming with. Multiple brakes are available in the market. Though the primary function of all brakes is to lessen the speed or stop the bike, every brake possesses different characteristics. So, have a clear conception of the same.

4. And also the components

This is one of the most crucial aspects you need to keep in mind. It is always a good idea to compare the essential components. Below-mentioned are the ones you need to consider:

  • Wheels
  • Contact points
  • Frame
  • Wheels
  • Shifters
  • Chainwheels

Bottom Line:

That’s a wrap for the day!

Remember, your cycle is a vehicle and not a toy. So, do your research prior to finalizing the deal. Heal your heart, beat the rush hours, and increase your brain power as you start cycling. Remember, the benefits of cycling extend deep into your core.

If you have any other option, share in the comment box below.

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