10 Best Cycles for Kids in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whoever said it isn’t easy to understand women have never met a child. Once they develop their minds, it becomes increasingly difficult for the parents to satisfy them. Purchasing a gift to their likings looks like a mammoth task.

Are you a parent who is actively looking for a kid’s cycle? Here we have made the drill easy. You do not have to scroll through 100s of cycles since we have brought the 10 best kid’s cycle.

Read on to find which one will excite your little musketeer.

Best 10 Cycles for Kids

1. Dash Teddy Foldable Tricycle

Dash Teddy Foldable Tricycle with Backrest Seat for Boys and Girls...

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Jazz up the first cycling experience of your kids with Dash teddy foldable tricycle. The kids are absolutely in love with this one because of the lucrative designs and popping colors. It even emits lights and music while moving.

The tricycle frame and the backrest have been designed ergonomically to ensure the kids’ safety and comfort. The durable and robust frame enhances the longevity of the cycle. You can easily fold the bike and accommodate it anywhere. This tricycle is a full package of entertainment that will cheer up the toddlers.


  • Robust frame
  • Comfortable and ergonomic backrest
  • Stylish and compact design


  • The music can divert the kid’s attention.


Fixed wheel suspension fixed cycle. This is a 14-inch bicycle and comes in an appealing apple green color. You can adjust the seat up to 4 inches. The cycle features a high backrest, anti-skid pedals, and full chain cover to ensure your kid’s security.

The tires are also tubeless and can support kids weighing up to 25 kg. This is a remarkable cycle owing to its high shelf life and durability. The brake type is a fixed wheel.


  • It comes with a toolbox to help in the assemblage.
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Attractive colour


  • It is challenging to fix many parts.

3. Luusa Tricycle Lovely Bike

Luusa RX-250 Tricycles for Kids with Seat Belt and Sipper (Orange)

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It is a perfect tricycle for young toddlers. There are plenty of innovative features in this tricycle, like parental control and safety seat belts. This is one of the most innovative tricycles because it includes provisions for parental supervision and control.

The seat belts are heavily cushioned to give the kids a comfortable riding experience. The footrest is rotatable. Your kids can store their favourite stuff in the front basket.


  • Foldable parts of the cycle
  • Mudguard present
  • Attractive musical horn


  • No installation procedure guidelines provided with the product


Speed bird cycle industries Baby Cycle for Boys and Girls, 3-6 Years...

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It is a rigid suspension steel frame bicycle with 14 inches wheels. It features Cantilever type brakes for improved safety. The best parts of this cycle are the unbreakable moulded rims. Your kids can store their essentials in the front basket. This bicycle features a full chain cover and anti-skid pedals. Your toddlers can also carry their friends as there is a double back seat. The training wheels at the side helps the kid to learn cycling faster and effortlessly.


  • Easy to maintain the Mig-Welded steel frame.
  • They have raised bars with grippers to maintain the child’s posture.
  • The tires are non-slip.


  • Difficult to assemble.


Appropriate for kids in the age group of 2 – 5 years. The fantastic neon colours are going to make the kids adore this bicycle. This is a mini version of a fully functional bike. That means the motor skills of your kids will experience a boost when they ride this bicycle.

The frame and body are durable as constructed of rustproof materials. Tubeless tyres in this cycle render a smooth ride. The presence of side wheels makes the ride safe.


  • Rustproof Cycle frame
  • V type brakes ensuring comfortable ride and safety
  • No extra care or maintenance is required.


  • It does not arrive in an assembled form.

6. RAW Bicycles Sports BMX

RAW BICYCLES Children 20T Sports 14 Inches Frame BMX Road Bike with...

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This one is the best choice for those kids who wish to rule the roads and indulge in sporty cycling races right from childhood. The 20T bicycle is constructed of aluminum alloy.

There are functional steel handlebars and head stems. These bikes are geared with training wheels to ensure the safety of the kids. The tires have inflatable inner tubes.


  • Strong and durable
  • Safe to ride
  • Provides real-life bicycling experience to the kids


  • Expensive for the features

7. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Bicycle

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Plug n Play Bicycle for Kids of 3 to 5...

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This is a next-generation smart bicycle for kids that features a smart plug. The safety grips, enclosed chain guards, heavy-duty training grips, and disk brakes are the bicycle’s distinctive features. The frame is made out of magnesium alloy that is super sturdy and durable.

The disk brake is an added safety measure. In this cycle, you can also adjust the seat and handle heights according to the convenience.


  • The rubber wheels are wide, approximately 2.5 inches.
  • Single structure body hence no need for assemblage.
  • Comes with ISO 8908 Safety Certification


  • The quality of the plastic appendages is not up to the mark.

8. ACTINO VALBONE unisex kids cycle

ACTINO VALBONE Unisex Kid's 10 Inch Frame Cycle (Green, 3-6 Years)

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The cycle is made of a rigid steel frame. It is a unisex kids cycle and is quite trendy. The bicycle features front and rear caliper brakes for easy movement and safety. The seat height is adjustable, and the seat is padded for comfort.

The presence of mudguard and anti-skid pedals gives a new dimension to the bicycle. It also has training wheels for better safety. This is a track-type single speed road bicycle.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Multiple safety parameters are included.
  • Comes with a toolbox for assemblage


  • The frame of the cycle is a bit heavy and can be inconvenient for the kids.

9. Hero Brat 16T Cycle

Hero Kids Unisex Brat 16T Single Speed Bike (Blue, 5 to 6 Years)

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Hero is a well-known brand when it comes to quality bicycles. The cycle’s frame is made of superior quality steel that is rustproof and durable. There are front and rear caliper brakes to ensure utmost safety.

The colour and design of the bicycle are beautiful for the kids. The seats are highly comfortable and provide room for stretching according to the needs of your growing kid.


  • Anti-skid pedals to ensure grip
  • Training wheels for new learners
  • 16T tires for a seamless riding


  • Expensive for the features

10. Little Olive Tricycle

Luvlap - 18639 Elegant Kids Tricycle with Push Bar, Full Metal Frame &...

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It is a smart bicycle with a plug and play type wheels. Kids weighing up to 20kgs can effortlessly cycle and have a sturdy grip on it. The handles have a comfortable grip for better control.

An attractive bell on the cycle will immediately grasp their attention to start honking. There are front and back baskets for storage. It is perfectly safe for your kids.


  • Sturdy EVA Wheels
  • Devoid of Phthalates, ester, and other harmful chemicals
  • Long-lasting


  • A bit too small for the growing kids

Are you overwhelmed with the choice in kids’ cycles? Well, we bring a guide that will make the purchase decision easier

How to select the best kids cycle?


Most of the kids forget about brakes. When starting to learn cycling, they try to stop the cycle by placing feet on the ground. Let your kid stand with his feet over the cycle. If he is comfortable in the position, the cycle is right for him; if his feet don’t reach the ground, look for a short cycle.


Indian parents want to purchase things that last, especially for kids as they outgrow soon. When selecting a cycle, do not commit the mistake of buying a bigger one. An age-appropriate cycle will be comfortable for your child to ride, unlike the large one where he can barely touch his leg on land.


Small kids may peddle near the home or in the park. The big ones have a sense of excitement, and they want to venture out on the roads. Choose a cycle that suits its purpose. Wide wheels, better brakes, suspension, etc. must be looked into before making the purchase.


Kids are full of energy that translates into everything they perform. Cycling is also an adventure sport for most children. They will do everything possible with the cycle. Hence look for sturdy frames made to last. A robust bicycle will remain intact even when the kid outgrows it.


A cycle that doesn’t topple with a slight push will be the ideal one for kids. Also, the trainer wheels are an essential feature for safety. Along with that, a study brake will ensure safe landings. For smaller kids, invest in cycles with parental control.


Look for a cycle at reasoning prices. Kids outgrow any product soon, and we do not want to invest a lot into something that will last only a few months. Grab a cycle that is adjustable at the handle and seat to be relevant to your growing children.

We know it is not easy to still zero on one cycle. You may always have many questions in mind. We have answered some of the problems here. If these do not solve your query, do not hesitate to comment and ask.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the suitable age for a child to have a cycle?

A1. Children come in all sizes; hence it is not easy to quote a specific age. However, the ideal age will be once they can properly hold the handle and place their little feet over the peddle.

Q2. How are the phthalate-free cycles safe for my child?

A2. Phthalates and other such harsh chemicals are responsible for inducing asthma in kids. Today the cycles are devoid of such products and give utmost importance to health.

Q3. Does my kid need cycling accessories?

A3. Yes, kids need more accessories than adults. They may fall more and hurt themself. Invest in a premium quality cycling helmet, knee pads, and gloves. Also, fill their tiny basket with a water bottle and snacks.

Q4. How can I help my kid cycle?

A4. You don’t have to stress a lot here. Kids quickly learn things when introduced in childhood. Purchase them a cycle early and slowly let them explore. They will pick the nuances and surprise you in a short time.


I hope our selection of the best cycle for kids helps you with the purchase. You can be sure about the quality and functionality of the cycle as we have personally tested them.

In this article, we cannot refer to a specific cycle as all of these belong to children of different ages, and it is only you who could decide the best for your child.

Buy one of these best cycles for kids to surprise your child and see him navigate.

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