Best Cycle Under 20000 In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In today’s world, Bicycle still holds an important place in commuting between places. People still love using their bicycles to move around between places of short distance. They also work as a great workout routine. You can buy a bicycle as workout equipment or as a travel vehicle or as both. It will be great for you as well as your environment.

Now, there are a lot of bicycles available in the market and it may be difficult for you to choose the right one. For most people, it will be enough if you choose a bicycle under 20,000. In this post, let us see some of the best bicycles that you can buy under 20000 with its pros and cons along with a brief bicycle buying guide.

Best Cycle under 20000 in India

1) Firefox Bikes Grunge-D 27.5T

Firefox Bikes Grunge-D , 27.5T MTB Mountain cycle I Frame size: 17...

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The Firefox is a sporty bicycle with a superior build quality to make a worthy buy for anyone. It has a steel frame of 17 inch in size. This steel build material will give you a long life. It comes with a front and rear v-brake with a good stopping force. The adjustable seat with a rubber pedal will definitely give you a good riding experience.


  • It comes with various accessories like a mudguard, chain wheel crank disc, bottle holder, and more.
  • The bike is equipped with Mechanical disc -Brake for Power Braking.

2) Hero Sprint Growler 29T

Hero Sprint Growler 29T 21 Speed with Dual Disc (Color: Black/Orange),...

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The hero is the most reputable brand when it comes to bicycles and this model from Hero is an excellent option for under 20000. It comes with a 26inch tire size, which is ideal for riders with a minimum height of five feet. The lightweight steel frame design of this model makes it highly durable and easy to handle. It comes with different accessories like a carrier, Allen key and spanner, reflectors, and more.

With a good build and stylish design, you won’t regret buying this great bicycle model from Hero for just under 20000.


  • It has direct-pull V brakes for riding on mountain terrains.
  • The MTB tires present on this vehicle has high durability.

3) Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle

Firefox Bikes Voya 700C Single Speed 18 Inches Frame Size Hybrid Bike...

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The Firefox Cycle is another great product on our list that comes with an aluminium alloy frame. This frame material gives the cycle a lightweight design, so you can handle it easily. With rigid suspension and V-brakes on the front & rear, this bicycle will give you a stable riding experience. The 19.5inch frame size makes it an ideal vehicle for people over 5.1 feet.

This hybrid vehicle comes in different colours, so you can choose the one that suits your style. With a good design and material quality, you should buy this cycle if you are looking for one under 20000.


  • It has a lightweight design.
  • You can ride it on mountain roads too as it is a hybrid cycle.

4) Hero Sprint Growler 29T

Hero Sprint Growler 29T 21 Speed with Dual Disc (Color: Black/Orange),...

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Made from an aluminium alloy frame, this bicycle from Hero will be a great purchase if you are looking for one under 20000. It is a 21-speed bicycle that is equipped with a Shimano Tourney gearing system. This gives you a smooth and convenient gear shift by the use of a thumb. Another great advantage of this bicycle is that it comes with dual-suspension, which is rare for the price range it falls.

Hero is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in India, so you can confidently buy this bicycle without any second thoughts.


  • The rim of the tire is made of double-wall alloy metal to give it high strength.
  • The dual-suspension present in this vehicle does a good job of absorbing shocks.

5) Geekay Billion 21 Speed

Geekay Billion Unisex 21 Speed Gear Mountain Bike (Blue, 27.5' Wheel)...

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The Huge brand of bicycles are known for its quality and engineering, so you will get a quality product with this purchase. The alloy frame used in this bicycle makes it lightweight and easy to handle. It also has a 60 mm front suspension, so you can ride this on the bumpy road well as it absorbs shock.

The rim of this bicycle is made from double-wall alloy material, making it highly durable. With great construction and material, you are getting a quality bicycle for your money with this purchase.


  • It comes with a front suspension that absorbs shock well.
  • It has powerful dual disc brakes.

6) CAYA Bikes for Adults

CAYA Warrior 26' Cycle with Disc Brake & Suspension Bike (Stealth Matt...

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This Bicycle from Caya is made from an Aluminium alloy frame to make it lightweight and easy to handle. The Shimano tourney gears present on this bicycle makes it easy for you to shift gears whenever necessary. The ergonomic and stylish design of the cycle definitely gives it a unique look to ride on the road.

Available in both geared and non-geared versions, you can buy this bicycle from Lightspeed confidently as it comes with a good 2-year manufacturing warranty.


  • It has a comfortable saddle.
  • It comes in both geared and non-geared versions.

7) Hero Doran 29T Bicycle

Hero Doran 29 Inches Mountain Bike , Steel Frame , 21 Speed Cycle for...

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The Doran Bicycle is another Hero product on our list that has a good set of features for an affordable price. It comes with a steel frame to give it high durability. The double-disc powerful brake present on this bicycle gives it a good stopping force. It is a 21 multi-speed gear cycle, and you can comfortably ride it anywhere without any problem.

With a front suspension, you can ride this bicycle on bumpy roads too as it absorbs shock well. With a good design and feature set, you can buy this bicycle from Hero without any second thoughts.


  • It has smooth-shifting gears.
  • It comes with a front suspension.

Buying Guide for Bicycle

Some important factors to look for when buying a bicycle are,

Frame material and size

If you want a lightweight bicycle, then you should go with one that has an aluminium alloy frame. With this type, you can handle your bicycle easily without any trouble. A steel frame material will give your bicycle high durability but weighs more. So based on your preference you can buy any one of the types.

Frame size is also important to look for when buying a cycle. You should choose the right frame size based on your height and inseam with help of a bicycle size chart.


If you typically ride in sloped and hills, then you should buy a bicycle with multi-gear functionality. You can easily ride in various places with a geared bicycle. But if you don’t live near any slopes or don’t want to spend much, then a bicycle without any gear is fine.

If you are buying a geared bicycle, then be sure to check the gear component. Gear components from the brand Shimano are considered the best in the market.


Like the gear, suspension in a bicycle is only important if you are riding mostly on a bumpy road. A half or double suspension in a bicycle will absorb shock well. If you just ride around on a normal track or road, then a bicycle without any suspension is fine.


Buying a bicycle for under 20000 is an easy task as there are many models in that price range but buying a good model is difficult. The above-listed are some of the best bicycles under 20000. We hope this post along with the buying guide helps you in getting a good bicycle for under 20000.

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