Best Cycle Helmet in India 2022

Whether you are riding a bicycle as a workout or for commuting purposes, personal safety comes first. You should invest in a good quality helmet and wear it before you hit the road on your bicycle. Helmets are designed in a way to significantly reduce the chance of having a head injury if by chance an accident occurs. Your health should be your primary focus, so always wear a helmet to reduce the chance of having a major injury to your head while riding a bicycle.

It may be a bit difficult to get a quality bicycle helmet as there are many models from different brands available in the market. In this post, we will list some of the best bicycle helmets for you to get.

Best Cycle Helmet to buy in India

1) = Triumph Spartan Blue Cycling Helmet

Triumph Spartan Blue Cycling, Skating Helmet

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The Triumph Bicycle helmet is made from PVC, PC, and EPS to give you great protection and comfort while cycling. The easy-to-use dial system and straps present in this helmet help to adjust to different head sizes. Made from lightweight materials, this helmet gives you much comfort while wearing it for a long time.

The Honeycomb vent present on this helmet allows the air to go through it for great breathability. With a modern-looking design, you get a quality helmet with this purchase.


  • It adopts a specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design system.
  • The inner pad uses breathable material for comfortable wear.

2) Jaspo Multi-Utility Helmet

jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding...

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This multi-utility helmet from Jaspo is suitable for wearing when you are cycling, skateboarding, or roller-boarding. It comes in different sizes such as small, medium, and large for to be used by every age people. With durable PVC, PC and EPS foam material, this helmet has a good impact resistance, giving you the much needed protection.

The multiple vents present at the top of this helmet gives it good breathability while wearing it. This quality helmet comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


  • The frame has an aerodynamic design.
  • It comes in different sizes.

3) Proberos Bicycle Helmet

PROBEROS ® Bicycle Cycling Helmet with Adjustable Lightweight...

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The Proberos bicycle helmet is a lightweight and durable one that you can wear to be safe while riding. Made from lightweight material, this helmet will not be a burden to you while wearing it for a long time. The PC and EPS material will give your head protection from powerful shock, so you can safely ride with it.

The adjustable strap present in it helps to adjust this helmet for your head size. With a good ventilation design, you can wear it to get comfort along with safety while riding a cycle.


  • It has a detachable visor that can be utilized to keep the sun off your face.
  • It has a unisex design.

4) Kamachi MV9BHL Cycling Helmet

KAMACHI Professional Cycling/Skating Adjustable Helmet MV9BHL (Large)

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This cycling helmet from Kamachi is made from white EPS with a thick PVC shell that is sealed with a head tag. It gives you good protection while riding your cycle. This helmet has nine air vents present at the top for great breathability and comfort while riding the cycle for a long time. With the adjuster knob present in this helmet, you can easily adjust it based on your head size.

The Kamachi helmet is a lightweight one with high durability, so you can buy it without having any second thoughts.


  • The aerodynamic design of the frame allows the speed to increase while riding.
  • It has a unisex design.

5) Merida Helmet

Merida Helmet Charger KJ201-Y-1, 2277008034 (Black/Silver, 58-62 cm)

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The cycling helmet from Merida is a premium buy that gives you good protection while riding. It comes in stylish black and silver color with numerous air vents on top for good breathability and comfort. The aerodynamic design of this helmet will let the air pass easily, so you get increased speed while cycling. Made from durable material, it will give you good protection for a long time.

With great design and quality, you can buy this helmet from Merdia if you can afford the premium price tag of it.


  • It has numerous air vents for good breathability.
  • It is highly durable.

6) Zacro Bike Helmet

Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet, CPSC Certified Cycle Helmet Adjustable...

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The Zacro helmet is a lightweight and durable one that gives you good comfort and safety while riding a bicycle. It is made from durable PVC, PC, and EPC foam material, so it will live for a long time without any wear. The stylish aerodynamic design of this helmet will help increase the speed while riding.

With air vents present at the top of this helmet, you will get good comfort while wearing it for a long time. This helmet from Zacro has the basics done right, so you can buy it confidently.


  • It is made from durable material.
  • It has an aerodynamic frame design with air vents at the top.

7) Schwinn Thrasher Bicycle

Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet for Adult (Black/Grey)

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The Schwinn Thrasher Bicycle helmet is a great one to wear to get good comfort and safety while cycling. It has a dual fit adjustable design that helps it to fit on any head size. The 21 integrated air vents present at the top keeps your head cool by letting the air through. The easy-to-adjust webbing pad present on the inside makes sure you get a comfortable fit while wearing it. With good design and comfort, you won’t find a better helmet than this one.


  • It has a built-in visor to give you shade from the sun while riding.
  • The moisture-wicking pad present in this helmet keeps your head dry.

8) Nivia Helmet

Nivia Helmet, Small, Black

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This unisex helmet from Nivia is made from durable and lightweight materials to give you good comfort while wearing. The inner shell of this helmet is made from polystyrene material for good durability. The straps present in this helmet helps to hold the helmet firmly in place while riding. With a good number of ventilation ducts, you get to cool your head while wearing this helmet. Made from quality materials, you get good protection using this helmet while cycling.


  • It has chin straps to keep the helmet in place while wearing.
  • It has high durability.


Wearing a helmet while riding a cycle or bike is important to keep your head safe. Head injuries are much difficult to treat and will cause irreparable harm to our health. With a good helmet, you can completely avoid this situation and have a safe cycling experience. The above-listed are some of the best helmets that you can wear to keep your head safe from harm while cycling. We hope you will have a safe riding by using a good helmet.

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