Best Cycle For Men In India 2022

There is a different level of craze among men for the cycles they own. While kids buy them to learn riding on them, men buy them for fitness and riding in leisure time. That is why there are different types of cycles available from men with different price points.

Some are perfect for riding on regular roads, while others are built for rough and steep roads. Here is the list of the best cycle for men in India from the best cycle brands.

Best Cycle For Men In India

1) Hero Kyoto 26T

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For : 12+ Years Unisex...

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This men’s cycle from Hero features a rigid suspension system. It allows you to use it for a long time due to the steel frame. Furthermore, you can easily give it to boys over 12 years. To offer you a perfect riding experience, this one is available in a lightweight design. The cycle comes with a single-speed transmission.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of the cycle will let you have exceptional comfort. With this, there will be maximum safety due to the light reflector. Additionally, you will also find non-slip pedals along with an adjustable PU saddle. It is easy to assemble and has large wheels.


  • Ergonomic design offers better comfort.
  • Light reflector for better safety.
  • Adjustable PU paddle allows having custom use.


  • Assembling can take some time.

2) Leader Scout MTB

Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle/Bike Without Gear Single Speed...

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Here is a men’s cycle that comes with many features. In this, you will find an efficient braking system so that there will be maximum safety. Additionally, you will also find a soft saddle for remarkable comfort. It is suitable for riders of over ten years and comes with long-lasting tires.

You will also find a protective chainguard so that there will be reliable performance. Furthermore, it is very durable due to the super-strong steel frame. You will also find a high grip handlebar for better controls. Moreover, it comes with a side stand and is extremely lightweight.


  • High grip handlebar offers better controls.
  • Efficient braking system for optimal safety.
  • Strong steel frame for enhanced longevity.


  • Could have been more comfortable.

3) Geekay Unisex

Geekay Hashtag 26T Single Speed Steel Frame 18 inches Dual disc Brake...

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To make sure there will be optimal safety, this one comes with dual disc brakes. It offers better stability and has a lightweight frame. Furthermore, the product serves great to have a perfect ride. With this, there will be ultimate road performance due to the double-wall alloy rims.

Additionally, the cycle lets you adjust the saddle height as it features a quick release. The cushioned design will let you have better comfort. Moreover, it lets you set it up conveniently as it comes 85% pre-assembled. This also has an attractive look and features an aerodynamic frame. The high-quality plastic frame helps to enhance longevity.


  • Cushioned seat offers superior comfort.
  • Double-wall alloy rims for a perfect riding experience.
  • Aerodynamic frame reduces air friction.


  • Pedaling is slightly tough for beginners. 

4) Hercules Hister

Hercules Hister 27.5T Single Speed Road Cycle ( Matt Black ,Ideal for...

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Suitable for boys of over 12 years, this one arrives semi-assembled. The cycle features a disc brake as well as a rear brake. Additionally, it has a double-wall alloy rim that helps to prevent any mess. You can even adjust the height and have optimal comfort with the quick-release system.

Moreover, this will let you have an amazing riding experience on the different terrains. The cycle also comes in a lightweight design, and it is very durable. You will also find multiple accessories including a side stand, spoke reflector, and front reflector. Furthermore, it can be great for riders of varying heights.


  • Multiple accessories for easy setup.
  • Adjustable height for custom sitting.
  • Dual disc brakes for better stability.


  • Does not come fully assembled.

5) Geekay Hashtag mountain

Geekay Hashtag 27.5T Single Speed Steel Frame 17 inches Dual disc...

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What makes this cycle better than others is that it comes in a great design. You can easily use it for conquering any trail. Moreover, the product can reduce air friction due to the aerodynamic frame design. In this, you will find double-wall alloy rims so that there will be a lightweight feel.

It also comes with dual disc brakes for offering maximum safety. There will be better stability as well as quick braking. Additionally, it lets you adjust the saddle height as well as the grips. Furthermore, this will provide you with a comfortable experience, and it comes 85% pre-assembled.


  • Quick braking system offers maximum stability.
  • Aerodynamic frame for exceptional performance.
  • Adjustable height for perfect sitting.


  • The rims of the wheel are not extremely sturdy.

6) Btwin My Bike

Btwin 85034B Mens 26T Hybrid Bike , 20 Inches Steel Frame - White

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Equipped with a heavy-duty metal frame, this one can last longer. The cycle also features an adjustable seat, and you will find a comfortable saddle. Moreover, it will let you have a secure feeling while riding due to the full chain cover as well as a molded anti-skid pedal.

The product comes 70% assembled and includes a toolkit and assembling guide. Furthermore, you will also find two fingers braking system that can reduce stress from the hands. Additionally, it is available in an attractive and unique design and has aluminum wheels. It also helps to keep away grease from shoes and ankles.


  • Two-finger braking system reduces stress.
  • Aluminum wheels for long-lasting performance.
  • Complete tool kit for easy assembling.


  • The seat could have been more comfortable.

Buying Guide 

Type: Cycles can be of three types, road cycles, mountain cycles, and hybrid cycles. Each of them comes with its own features. Getting the right one is a user preference, and you can see if it meets your needs.

Build: You will have to invest in a cycle that lets you use it for a long time. Look at the overall construction, and it must be in a lightweight design.

Frame: The frame material can be of different types including steel, aluminum, and carbon. It determines the overall durability as well as the performance of the cycle. Aluminum can be an ideal consideration as it is lightweight and has anti-corrosive properties. Even carbon frame comes with anti-rust properties, and steel frame is very affordable.

Suspension: A cycle can have different types of suspensions which can be ideal for better traction. Keep in mind that if the cycle has a complicated suspension, then it will be expensive. However, you will have to note that suspension adds weight to the cycle.

Brakes: Cycles can come with V-brakes or have dual disc brakes. One can get it according to the experience of riding. Consider investing in the one that lets you have better controls and offers maximum safety.


There are different types of cycles available with different price points to select from. You should be clear about your requirements and you can check the buying guide to understand a cycle better from all perspectives. We have picked the best cycles for men in India and you should compare them and purchase the perfect one for you.

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