Best Cycle for Kids Under 5000 in India

Kids these days are glued to the TV or mobile screens. They refrain from outdoor sports. However, we as parents know how important it is for them to get some exercise.

If you are also wondering how to get the kid outside, try gifting a bicycle. Remember the beautiful memories of our first cycles. The first crash and later racing with friends are all etched deep in our hearts. Let the little ones too explore the roads to create memories.

Here we are helping you by presenting the best kids cycles under Rs. 5000. You can select the most suitable one that too in budget.

Best cycle for kids under 5000

1. Hero Zoom 14T Single Speed Kids Cycles

Hero Kids Zoom Steel 14 Inch Wheel , 9 Inch Frame 14T Single Speed...

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The Hero Zoom Kids Cycle is a unisex sports cycle ideal for boys and girls of 3 to 5yrs. It is a 14 inches semi-assembled bicycle that comes in a vibrant blue color. The material of the frame is steel.

It comes in a semi-assembled form, with around 70 per cent of the task already done. The guide for perfect assembly comes with the kit. The bicycle size is 14 inches.

If your child is between 3 feet and 3.6 feet, this cycle is appropriate for him or her. The pedal is anti-skid. The bike features a full chain cover and high backrest.


  • Tubeless tires.
  • It can support a maximum weight of 25 kg.
  • Metal frame
  • Sturdy, robust, and high shelf life
  • Molded pedals and full chain cover for enhanced security


  • The plastic parts are of low quality.
  • Many parts of the cycle are unfixed.

2. Hero freak 12T kids cycle

Hero Freak 12T Mountain Bike for Unisex Kids , 8 Inches Steel Frame ,...

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Hero is a well-known flagship when it comes to bicycles. The cycle comes in a semi-assembled form(85%assembled). The size of the frame is 8 inches, and that of the tires is 12 inches.

It can support riders from 2.5-3.5 feet in height. It is perfect for kids in the age group of 2-3 years. The robust steel frame makes it a durable purchase.

Features such as anti-skid pedals and cushioned seats make it the perfect partner for the kids.


  • Both front and rear brakes are caliper type
  • Rigid suspension
  • Sturdy frame material – Steel
  • Vibrant colors – Blue/ Orange
  • Anti Skid Pedals for safety


  • This cycle has no backrest.
  • The back wheel axle is not up to the mark.


The Ollmii Kids Cycle is for kids of 3 to5 years. This rigid suspension type cycle has caliper brakes and 14 inches tires. The bike weighs only 9 kg; hence the kids can easily handle it.

Apart from the rider’s seat, there is also a backseat where your kids can carry their best friends. The supporting wheels provide protection. All the accessories for the cycle come with the product.

Assembling can be done through an easy to follow the video. The steel frame is sturdy and will not tarnish with the falls.


  • The 14 inches wheel provide incredible single speed
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Caliper brakes are easy to operate
  • 66 cm wide frame
  • Bottle cage and basket


  • Assembly can be difficult
  • Small kids may find double carrying a bit tricky.

4. Hero Brat single speed cycle

Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Kids' Bike (Red, Ideal For : 5 to 6 Years )

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This is another fantastic cycle from the house of Hero. The vibrant red color is fascinating for the kids. It features 16T tires. The frame is composed of super tensile material.

The rider’s height can be anything between 3 to 4.5 feet. It is appropriate for 4-5 years of kids. This cycle has caliper brakes and mudguards to ensure a safe ride for your kids.

Hero Brat 16T cycle has full chain covers that allow little riders to ride with fun and safety.


  • The durable and robust steel frame of 11.4 inches
  • Beautiful colors and prints
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Training wheels ensure safety
  • Single-speed gear


  • The quality does not justify the price
  • Difficult assembly

5. Speed Bird 12T kids cycle

SPEED BIRD Cycle Industries Unisex Children Kids Bike ( 14 Inches...

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Speed Bird 12T is a highly durable cycle with a robust and tensile frame. The cycle’s attractive features are the carrier at the back and the front basket with an added storage space.

The grips are soft, which is perfect for kid’s handling. The steel frame of the cycle body is MIG welded. This fantastic cycle has anti-skid pedals and a full-length chain cover to ensure safety.

The dark red color makes it appealing, and the kids love to flutter to places.


  • Unbreakable rims
  • Soft and adjustable seats
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Single-speed cycle
  • Vibrant color


  • Some parts are difficult to assemble
  • There is no instruction for assemblage.

6. Speed Bird 12T cycle

Speed bird cycle industries Baby Cycle for Boys and Girls, 3-6 Years...

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Speed Bird 14T baby cycle is your kid’s perfect companion. Speed Bird is a well-known brand in the world of kid’s bike. Children in the age group of 3-6 years can use this cycle.

This rigid suspension 14 inches cycle has a strong steel frame for better support. The cycle has a cantilever type brake. The tires have molded rims, and every tire has been rendered anti-slip for better security.

The attractive color is to go for if your kid loves the hues of pink. Also, why lose the opportunity of spotting your child even in the thickest crowd.


  • Comfortable grippers to improve the posture of the kids
  • Training wheels provide better support
  • Extra back seat
  • Full-length cover chain
  • Attractive baby pink color


  • The alignment of the cycle frame is not appropriate.
  • Front-wheel bearing does not work correctly.

7. Hero Blast 16T Cycle

Hero Unisex-Youth Blast 16T Single Speed Mountain Bike Cycle (Yellow)...

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This is another vibrant yellow color 16T Single Speed Kid’ cycle from Hero. It is for kids in the age group of 4-5 years. The rider’s height should be between 3-4.5 feet.

The frame is composed of very sturdy, robust, and durable material featuring a high tensile strength. Caliper type brakes in the cycle are perfect for kids who are just beginners.

The seat is adjustable and extendable with a soft cover for a comfortable experience.


  • Comes with training wheels for safety
  • Highly improved grips
  • Anti-skid pedals for security
  • Long shelf life
  • Stylish and functional mudguards


  • It is semi-assembled.
  • An air filling pump for the tire is an additional necessity.

8. Alpine 14T Kids Cycle

Alpine cycles14T Inch BMX Green Black Unisex Kids Steel Frame Cycle...

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The Alpine 14T BMX cycles are unisex and come in vibrant green color that kids will love. The frame is very sturdy. The cycle comes with tubeless tires. Training wheels provide additional safety to your child. There is an added water bottle holder for the breaks. The cycle also features a full-length chain cover for better protection.

A comfortable backrest and basket are other features to look for in this cycle.


  • Comes with handle grip for better control
  • Available in lucrative color
  • Long-lasting steel bicycle frame.
  • Large backrest
  • 6 months manufacturer’s warranty


  • Comes without any assemblage instruction for assembly
  • The parts get bent after a few months of use.

9. Rising India 14 inch Kids Cycle

Rising India 14 Inch 3-5 Years Kids Sports Bicycle - Neon Sky Blue

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If your kid loves the style and swag, then this sports bicycle is the perfect gift for him or her. Rising India is a reputed brand for manufacturing stylish and trendy kid’s cycles. This one for kids of 3-5 years of age. The color is funky- neon sky blue. The rigid suspension sports bicycle has a cantilever type brake. The body of the cycle is of robust steel.

The tires and tubes are inflatable and can run on any road. It is highly durable and also has a front basket for extra storage.


  • Comes with hand grips for better control
  • Features tubeless rubber tires that are easy to care for
  • Exhibits a sporty and funky look
  • The seat backrest gives proper support and comfort to the kids.
  • Available in attractive colors


  • Semi Assembled
  • Expensive

10. Actino Valbone Kids CycleRising India 14

ACTINO VALBONE Kids Girl's and Boy's 10'' Steel Frame Road Bike Cycle...

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The Actino Valbone cycle is a vibrant unisex kids bike. Children from 3 to 6 years can comfortably ride the bike. This bike arrives to you in 85% assembled condition, and it is easy to complete the cycle.

The frame is of strong steel that promises longevity. Also, the wheel size is 20 inches making it an easy ride for the kid. There are caliper brakes for both the wheels.

Training wheels, anti-skid pedals, and better grip at handle are other highlights of this kid’s cycle.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Strong steel frame
  • Adjustable seat and handle
  • Training wheels are available
  • Anti-skid peddle


  • The seat is narrow
  • The back seat is not cushioned

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

We have a detailed analysis of the kid’s cycle to solve the doubts and help to buy the best for your child.

Buying guide for Choosing Best Cycle for Kids

Wheel size

For the adult cycle, we look into the frame size. However, to determine the kids’ cycle, one must check the wheel size. If the wheel size is accurate, your child can comfortably sit and ride the bicycle. Here is a table that will help you to choose the right cycle.

Age (years) Wheel Size (inches)
2 to 3 12
3 to 4 14
4 to 5 16
5 to 6 18
6 to 7 20
7 to 11 24


Every child is different, hence do not rely entirely on the table. However, you can still have a vague idea regarding the size of kids’ cycles through the chart and decide accordingly.


Although kids tend to forget the existence of brakes and try stopping the cycle by jumping onto the ground, it is still vital to have dependable brakes in the cycle. There are hand brakes and coaster brakes. Hand brakes are the conventional ones attached to the handle. However, the coaster brakes are activated with backward cycling. Most kids are naturally inclined towards back cycling, and these suit them.

Still, it will be better to get a hybrid cycle with both the brakes for the child to practice and learn using hand brakes for the future.

Gear or gearless

For most parents, it is out of the question; they prefer gearless cycles for their kids. But for those hyperactive little people who have a knack for cycling and want to explore more, choosing a bicycle is difficult. You can determine the kind by keeping in mind the kid’s level of expertise. If the kids know the basics and plan to ride for longer durations, a gear cycle will be suitable. However, for the novice, a single-speed gear cycle will help to peddle effortlessly.


During the learning stage and even later, the bike is bound to tumble. The cycle may fall apart if made of any weak materials. When selecting a cycle, choose a steel or aluminum frame that is rust-free, strong, and will last for longer periods.

Other accessories

A bottle cage, lock, horn, comfortable seat, and pedal are the accessories that must not be ignored. If, in any case, these are not inbuilt, you can request the seller, as most of them oblige in return for a menial amount. Having these, along with a tiny basket, will keep the kid interested in cycling.

As guardians, you may have ample questions when buying a cycle for the kid. We look for safety first rather than the price during these purchases. Here we have tried to answer some questions that frequently haunt parents.

Frequently answered questions

Q1. Which frame should I select for the kid’s cycle?

A1. An aluminum or steel frame is suitable for the kids’ cycle. They are not prone to damages as the kids will handle these irresponsibly. You can use them for longer and also hand the cycle to others when your little one outgrows.

Q2. How to choose the weight of a kids ‘ cycle?

A2. Some cycles are 30% the weight of your kid, while others are 60% and 70%. The heavier ones may not be comfortable for the child unless he is an expert. Hence always choose a lighter cycle that your child can effortlessly ride.

Q3. Do kids’ cycles come with a warranty?

A3. Yes, most kids cycle with a warranty of 1 year. In case there are any issues, you can connect with the seller, and they shall redirect you to the local vendor who takes care of all the warranty needs. However, before making a purchase, check the seller’s warranty policies to refrain from repenting later.

Q4. Should I let the kid cycle before confirming the purchase?

A4. Amazon sells cycles with a 10 days replacement service wherein you need to keep the product only if it perfectly fulfills your needs.


When selecting a kids cycle, always choose safety above anything. Staying with them while learning and then letting the saddle go will add to your cycle memories as they build theirs. Hence choose the best for the little ones.

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